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The Best Skincare Products For Combination Skin

The Best Skincare Products For Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, then you might be concerned about how to find the right skincare products. But there is no need to worry, as some skin products can be suited to both dry and oily skin and we have these in our natural anti-ageing face products collection. Our collection includes award-winning cleansers, treatments and moisturisers that all skin types love. There is some differentiation in moisturisers but they are both suitable for combination skin.

The best skincare for combination skin will contain ingredients that are not too rich, or too drying. Combination skin is really common and is when the t-zone of the face is oily, and the rest of the skin is drier. This zone is the t-area of the face which includes the forehead, nose and chin. It is oilier and more likely to breakout and have spots of blackheads. Our oil glands in the t-zone are more active than on the cheeks, although the amount of oiliness in this area will vary from person to person. Everyone has a unique skin type, however, the rest of the skin on the cheeks and neck can be normal and even dry. The skin around the eyes tends to be normal to dry, as it does not contain oil glands like the rest of the skin.

At Nakin all of our natural skincare products are suitable for combination skin, because we use amazing plant extracts that all skin types love. This is not to say that all plant ingredients are suitable for combination skin though. Even some natural ingredients should be avoided for use on the face, such as coconut oil which is very greasy to skin and can clog pores, and we do not recommend using it for even very dry skin. This is because dry skin does not need a greasy product, instead it needs a product that will reach deep down to the skins layers, to provide long lasting hydration and conditioning. Oily skin still requires hydration and moisture, but not on an intense level and it needs help balancing out oil production. Both oily, dry and combination skin benefit from high quality plant oils to nourish, balance, hydrate and protect - but without being too rich or drying to skin. Products like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare are perfect for this, as we do not use plant ingredients that are either too rich, or too drying.

The Best Face Products for Combination Skin

If you are looking for skincare that works for combination skin, then take a look at the products below.

  • Effective but gentle cleansing is particularly important for combination skin. It helps dry skin by keeping dead skin at bay, which can cause flakiness and a dull looking tone. But it also keeps oily skin clear and fresh. Our Advanced Cleansing Milk £16.50 for 150ml is perfect for combination skin as it removes make-up and grime, while being kind and conditioning to skin. It is important to use a cleanser that is kind to skin, as otherwise when a cleanser strips skin it can throw it off balance. That squeaky clean feeling is not always a good thing for skin. The plant oils in this cleansing milk include grapeseed oil, which is perfect for cleansing as it is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial; plus packed with nutrients, but without clogging pores. The seaweed in this product is a brilliant face and neck cleansing treatment. It also includes pomegranate for additional anti-ageing benefits.
  • If you prefer a gel cleanser to a milk then our Rejuvenating Face Wash £16.50 is an excellent product and especially loved by customers with combination skin that is on the oily side. It has a deep cleansing ability with the fruit enzymes but without the harshness of most face washes.
  • Combination skin benefits from exfoliation like any other skin type and our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic is perfect for this step in your routine. Exfoliation is highly beneficial for combination skin as it assists in balancing the diverse needs of this skin type. By removing dead skin cells from the surface, exfoliation helps to unclog pores and prevent acne breakouts in oilier zones while simultaneously removing flakiness and promoting cell renewal in drier areas. This process aids in achieving a more even skin texture and complexion, ensuring that moisturisers and treatments can penetrate more effectively. Thus, regular exfoliation is a great way to balance and build radiance of combination skin.
  • Always tone skin after cleansing, as it ensures that skin is thoroughly clean for clear fresh skin. Our Purifying Face Toner £16.50 for 150ml removes the last traces of cleanser, revives and detoxes all skin types - including combination skin. Its power comes from seaweed, hyaluronic acid and natural botanicals like witch hazel. Witch hazel has astringent properties which helps with any blemishes, but it is still kind to even dry skin types.
  • Serums are perfect for combination skin as they are not rich greasy products. They are designed to sink into skin quickly, while still hydrating and conditioning. Our Performance Face Serum £28 for 50ml is like a light lotion packed with powerful anti-ageing plant extracts, that help the complexion of all skin types to look its best. It is packed with powerful plant extracts like line smoothing hibiscus, plumping hyaluronic acid and antioxidants such as pomegranate, for all around skin enhancement. Apply this serum straight after cleansing skin, and before applying any other treatments and face creams. This will allow it to reach the deeper levels of the skin cells and work its magic as best possible.
  • A face oil helps to bring harmony to skin, especially when applied with facial massage motions. Facial massage helps to stimulate skin and release toxins. Our Revitalising Face Oil £24 for 50ml is gorgeous for combination skin as it is calming and conditioning, but without being too greasy. It contains gorgeous plant oils like argan, baobab and peach kernel oil. These skin loving oils are non-greasy and non-comedogenic to skin. Another special oil in this product is jojoba oil, which is perfect for combination skin types as it is like skins natural sebum. It is balancing to oily skin, but also helps to calm and boost dry and even irritated skin.
  • Although combination skin has oily and dry areas, most of us have skin around the eyes that tends to be on the dry side. This is due to the lower amount of active oil glands in this area, and skin tends to become dry as we age. A hydrating eye cream like our Eye Cream Complex £20 for 15ml is therefore a good choice for the eye area. It helps to give the skin around eyes silky soft hydration, without greasiness. It also combats dark circles, wrinkles and puffing. This is from an array of plant extracts for an amazing natural eye treatment.
  • Every combination skin type differs and if you have more oily combination skin, then try our Matt Formula Face Cream £22 for 50ml. This moisturiser for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin is also great as a foundation base and provides long lasting smooth hydration without greasiness. This is from the special blend of plant actives to hydrate, condition and protect skin from things like pollution. Skin is left soft, smooth and fresh.
  • If your combination skin has more dry areas than oily areas, then try our Active Dew Face Cream £22 for 15ml. This moisturiser is for dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin. It is a cult favourite with customers and is a real treat for the face and neck with sublime moisture, nutrients and protection. Skin is left feeling soft, dewy and conditioned.
  • If you have oily areas on the skin then you probably do not want a glossy lip balm, so our Lip Treatment Balm £12 for 15ml will be a good choice. It leaves lips looking plump and conditioned but without an oily look. It softens, hydrates and comforts even dry lips. This is from the best plant butters and oils like argan, baobab, mint and shea butter - for a luxurious plumping lip boost.

We hope that you found our feature on the best skincare products for combination skin helpful. To find out more about Nakin and our award winning anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin produce natural face products for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The full range can be found here and is designed to help skin to thrive and flourish by using the best plant active ingredients. Everything is cruelty free and made in the UK.

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