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The Best Serum for Sensitive Skin

The Best Serum for Sensitive Skin

The problem with a lot of face serums is that they often contain strong anti-ageing ingredients such as retinol, but these can be irritating to skin for many people. As we age our skin tends to get more sensitive and at the same time, we start wanting to use a good facial serum to help reduce and improve the signs of skin ageing. At Nakin we believe that this is best tackled by using natural plant ingredient serums, instead of those with irritating ingredients like synthetic vitamin C.

If you are susceptible to sensitive skin on any level then it is important to use face products that are kind and help skin to prosper. This is one of the reasons that we at Nakin developed our natural skincare range as we know how irritating some artificial beauty ingredients can be.

So, we are excited to let you know about our range and especially our amazing Face Serum for Sensitive Skin. It has so many wonderful properties for the face and neck as outlined below. So, fix your sensitive skin issues with Nakin’s gorgeous natural serum.

  • It gives skin the perfect opportunity to heal and rebuild its health and hydration, showcasing skin at its best with some of the most special botanical ingredients.
  • It is calming to sensitive, irritated or redness prone skin from the plant oils contained in the formula which are sunflower, baobab and jojoba oils.
  • Dry or dehydrated skin can be more susceptible to sensitivity and premature ageing. Which is why our anti-ageing face serum contains superb hydrating ingredients like plumping and moisture building hyaluronic acid.
  • Our serum also has many other natural ingredients that rival ones like retinol. It contains a form of hibiscus extract that is able to smooth out lines and also includes high antioxidant conditioning ingredients like pomegranate and seaweed.
  • Importantly for any serum, and especially one that works for sensitive skin is that it does not contain artificial fragrance. Instead, we use a small amount of a mild completely natural fragrance.
  • It is made in the UK, vegan and cruelty free.
  • As well as being made for sensitive skin this serum also works with other skin types, and is lovely for oily, normal, dry and combination skin of any age.
  • As it does not contain strong anti-agers it can be used on skin of every age and is as much about premature ageing prevention as improvement.

Sensitivity is a very broad term, and it means different things to different people. Sometimes sensitive skin can be the cause of one ingredient, or many ingredients. We all have a very unique biology and so recommend carrying out a patch test before trying out any new product.

At Nakin we are immersed in the skin care world and our mission is to offer our customers beautiful skin at every age naturally. We offer everything needed for a facial skin regime and you can find out more about us at the links below. Our blog also contains a wealth of information about caring for skin.

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