The Best Preservative Free Lip Balm

The Best Preservative Free Lip Balm

One of the many things that we love about balms is that they can be filled with masses of plant healing butters and oils, plus can be made completely preservative free. Sadly, many of them are not and contain lots of synthetic ingredients, including preservatives. However, at Nakin we have a mission to make our products as natural as possible and this is why our Lip Treatment Balm is preservative free. It is also an excellent lip balm that uses the power of plants to heal and boost lips, and this is why we believe that it is the best preservative free lip balm available. Find out more about it and why it is such a great product below.

If you like natural products, then our Lip Treatment Balm is a lovely one for all round lip improvement and enhancement. It is 100% natural and made with beautiful plants extracts that heal, hydrate, comfort and protect even dry and sensitive lips. Lips easily lose moisture so this is why our natural anti-ageing lip balm is designed to provide long-lasting hydration. This is especially important if you live in a cold climate, or if you experience frequent chapped lips. The formula helps to protect and lock moisture in to keep lips soft plus hydrated, and it contains lots of healing butters and oils to soothe and nourish. This comes from the special blended formula that includes castor seed oil, shea butter, olive, carnauba and beeswax, grape seed oil, argan oil, baobab oil, marigold, and mint oil. These provide an intense healing nutrient boost that is hard to beat.

Our lip balm really is nature at its very best and is easily utilised to be able to apply excellent goodness and nourishment to lips as required. As well as being preservative free it also does not include any of the other common synthetic lip care ingredients such as mineral oil, silicones and PEGS. It is made in the UK, vegetarian, and cruelty free.

So, if you are looking for a preservative free lip balm then this is a lovely one. There are many benefits to using a preservative free lip balm. For one, it reduces the chance of any potential allergic reactions. Additionally, preservative free lip balms tend to be gentler on the lips and less likely to cause irritation.

When it comes to choosing the best preservative free lip balm, there are a few things that we keep in mind. At Nakin we believe that a good lip balm will always be 100% natural, as they do not need to be formulated with water, and so do not require a preservative system. Using a lip balm that is completely natural means that your lips are getting the most goodness possible, so we always recommend a lip balm that is made with natural ingredients. This will also help to ensure that the lip balm is gentle on your lips and unlikely to cause any irritation.

We hope that you found our feature useful. Our Lip Treatment Balm is just one product in our collection. At Nakin we have a full range of natural face products for all of your skincare needs, and everything can be found online at www.nakinskincare.com

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