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The Best Natural Face Serum

The Best Natural Face Serum

At Nakin we are huge advocates of face serums, as their light consistency is able to reach into the skin cells and condition them with skin improving ingredients. The one issue that we have with face serums is that many of the conventional ones are made from a concoction of synthetic ingredients that can be strong and sensitising to skin. This includes some commonly found face serum ingredients such as retinol, synthetic fragrance, and vitamin C. This is a general statement as how an ingredient reacts with your skin will depend on your unique skin type. At Nakin we are huge natural skincare advocates and all of our award-winning anti-ageing skincare is made with the best plant extracts for skin. Because it is made with such beautiful natural ingredients and offers superb skin ageing protection and correction, we believe that it is the best natural face serum out there. This is our Nakin Performance Face Serum which has an amazing price of £25 for 50ml, find out why it is so amazing below.

  • The formula is packed with the best plant-based ingredients including extracts of olive, hydrolysed hibiscus, seaweed and green tea, plus hyaluronic acid and a special blend of plant oils. These are all potent botanicals that have the power to enhance skin dramatically. The wonderful thing about having these ingredients in a serum is that they are able to reach the deeper layers of skin, rather than a moisturiser that mostly creates a barrier between your skin and the outside world.
  • Applying our natural face serum topically helps rejuvenate the face and neck in all sorts of ways. It improves the elasticity and collagen production of skin, plus hydrates and plumps it out. This means that it can work on fine lines and wrinkles to smooth them out. The special formula is actually able to smooth and blur out lines naturally with its clinically proven actives.
  • It is for skin of all ages and skin types as it works to ward off signs of skin ageing, as well are improving any signs of ageing that are already present. The botanicals used are not rich or drying and instead are kind and repairing; so, it works for oily, normal, dry and sensitive skin alike.
  • The antioxidant rich formula helps to improve areas of discolouration that many of us suffer with. As well as our natural face serum being incredibly anti-ageing, it also has anti-inflammatory properties to calm irritated areas of skin. 
  • Our natural face serum is also vegan, cruelty free and made in the UK.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about the best natural face serum and can find out more about us. There are so many options and lots of jargon thrown at us when it comes to buying skincare, that it can be difficult to know what the best products for us are. At Nakin we do everything we can to produce the best natural skincare possible and part of this is having clear plant-based formulas. Our clean skincare is multi-award winning, and 5-star rated by customers.

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