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The Best Moisturising Facial Serum

The Best Moisturising Facial Serum

Face serums do so many things for our skin and are now seen as an essential step in a skincare routine. They tend to be the costliest part of a face routine, and this is because they contain lots of active ingredients that work to deeply improve skin. This includes providing an intense anti-ageing treatment and one of the concerns they address for skin is moisture. Hydration and moisture levels are essential for skin health, regardless of your skin type and habitat. At Nakin we believe that we have the best moisturising face serum as it hydrates skin deep down with outstanding botanical derived ingredients, but without being rich or greasy. It’s like a medicinal drink for thirsty skin that plays an important role in keeping the skin structure strong and healthy, resulting in hydrated bouncy skin. Even if we drink lots of water, applying moisture topically in a serum makes a huge difference. This is because when we drink liquids it goes to our vital organs and systems first, as these are more in need of hydration that our skin. We need this to happen, however, dehydrated skin can look dull, wrinkly and fragile. That’s why products like our natural serum are designed to intensely moisturise skin, so it can look and feel its best. You can find our Performance Face Serum £25 here and we have listed some of the great things about it below.

  • The special formula is packed full of concentrated botanical ingredients that help skin with hydration, line reduction and overall improvement.
  • The consistency of our serum is much thinner than a face cream and so means it can reach deeper down into the skin layers to get to work on skin enhancement.
  • Only a small amount is needed to quickly make the face and neck look and feel better and results continue to improve over time, as the treated skin cells reach the surface.
  • It is charged with some beautiful plant actives that help skin in all sorts of way. For moisture and hydration, it contains hyaluronic acid which is a wonder ingredient for skin. It is highly effective at enhancing skin moisture levels and the serum delivers this straight to skin.
  • It is able to be part of a skincare layering system that is used after cleansing, but before face oils and moisturisers. When layered the hydrating effect is supercharged, providing skin with the ultimate in hydration, nourishment and protection.
  • It is cruelty free and made in the UK.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about the best moisturising serum. Our serum has a lovely light lotion feel with a subtle natural scent. The texture applies to the face like silk and leaves the face and neck looking and feeling great. It’s luxurious, refreshing and comforting. Best of all it has loads of gorgeous moisture for the face and neck, plus masses of repairing ingredients.

At Nakin we use plant-based alternatives to synthetic anti-ageing ingredients such as retinol in all of our face care products. To find out more about our award-winning range visit the links below.

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