The Best Lip Balm for the Forties

The Best Lip Balm for the Forties

If you are in your forties and looking for a good lip balm to buy then our Nakin Lip Treatment Balm makes an excellent choice. It is a multi-award-winning lip product that is made with sumptuous plant ingredients that hydrate, cocoon and protect lips with an immense amount of natural goodness. Our beautiful lip balm is actually made for all ages as it is produced using such lovely plant ingredients, so it does not have any negative effects for any age. So we feel that it is the best lip balm for any age, and this includes the forties when lips tend to get drier than they have been.

The forties are a time of transition and change. Skin can start to become drier, leading to chapping, cracking, and it can leave the lips looking and feeling less than their best, plus can make applying makeup or even talking uncomfortable. To protect your lips from the environment and give them protection from the elements, finding the best lip balm like ours is essential. Our natural anti-ageing lip balm is a 100% natural product that gives nothing but goodness and vitality to the lips. It is an amazing moisturising product and also has ingredients to heal and nurture dry and damaged lips.

For those in their forties, it’s important to find a lip balm with natural oils and moisturisers that will provide long-lasting hydration without feeling too sticky or heavy on the lips and this is exactly what our lip balm offers. It contains ingredients like protecting beeswax, healing shea butter and hydrating argan oil; these are also all known to be very effective at providing intense moisture while still feeling lightweight. It also contains many other plant oils that are packed with vitamins, minerals and omega oils, plus antioxidant Vitamin E which can help protect against environmental stressors that can age lips prematurely. It also includes lots of other additional skin soothing ingredients such as olive and sunflower oil to further protect the delicate skin on your lips.

One thing that our lip balm does not contain is an SPF, this is because it is designed for use in both the day and night and so sunscreen would not be needed for most of this time. It is important to use a SPF on lips when outside and so one can be applied on top of the balm in order to prevent sunburn and stave off the signs of premature ageing.

If you are looking for the best lip balm for your forties then we are confident that ours is hard to beat. As well as being such an exceptional product it is also exceptional value. Customers love the performance and also that it has a non-irritating formula that is free from fragrances and unnecessary dyes. The other thing that they love about it is how it actually helps to heal lips and does not need to be constantly reapplied just to get some comfort for lips.

Find out more about our anti-ageing face products online at www.nakinskincare.com

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