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The Best Hydrating Eye Cream

The Best Hydrating Eye Cream

Our skin around the eyes can easily get dry as it is thinner than the skin on the rest of the face, and a good eye cream can help to rectify this. At Nakin we developed our Eye Cream Complex to nourish and condition the eye area with beautifully boosting extracts, and this is why we believe that it is the best hydrating eye cream. Read on to find out why it is so lovely.

One of the common questions we get asked is how does the skin around the eyes get so dry? The skin around the eyes is delicate and so it is susceptible to dryness which tends to increase as we get older. It can also be easily irritated by a number of factors, including environmental stressors, makeup, and skincare products.

If you're looking for an effective and moisture boosting eye cream, look no further than our hydrating eye cream. It has been specifically designed to provide long-lasting hydration to the delicate skin around eyes, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our hydrating eye cream is made with a unique blend of ingredients that work together to deeply moisturize and protect skin. Hyaluronic acid helps to lock in moisture, while the natural actives and oils brighten and reduce inflammation. The hibiscus peptide then helps to stimulate collagen production, giving you smoother, younger-looking skin. It is also free from irritating ingredients such as parabens and silicones, plus is fragrance free for sensitive skin types.

Our eye cream is also lightweight and non-greasy, so it will not weigh down this delicate area or cause irritation. Simply apply it after cleansing in both the morning and evening for a natural way to immediately make a difference to the appearance of skin.

As well as using a good hydrating eye cream we can also help to reduce dryness around the eye area by managing the most common causes of:

  • Use good natural skincare products as some eye creams such as those that contain retinoids or harsh exfoliating agents, can also cause the skin around the eyes to become dry and irritated. This is just one of the reasons that we always recommend using natural skincare. Using a gentle cleanser like our Advanced Cleansing Milk and other natural anti-ageing face products means that the skins natural oils will not be stripped away. Then applying our natural anti-ageing eye cream to the area twice a day will increase and retain moisture in the skin.
  • Protect the eyes from environmental stressors. These can include wind, sun, and cold weather. All of these can cause the skin to become dry, red, and irritated.
  • Wear natural makeup as some products can cause the skin around the eyes to become dry and irritated. This is because many makeup products contain strong ingredients that can also strip away natural oils from the skin.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as this can irritate the delicate skin around them and make the dryness worse.
  • Lastly it is important to monitor the symptoms. A good eye cream will help with everyday mild skin dryness, however, if it is severe or if you are experiencing other symptoms such as redness, pain, or swelling then seek medical advice.

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