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The Best Face Serum for Dry Skin

The Best Face Serum for Dry Skin

At Nakin we have an amazing face serum for dry skin, and although it is made for all skin types, we always get fantastic reviews from customers with dry skin saying how much better their skin is after using it. It is filled with the absolute best botanical ingredients, and this is why we believe that our Nakin Performance Face Serum is the best serum for dry skin.

Dry skin types love it as it has a thicker consistency than most serums, which can sometimes be watery, or many are an oil. We absolutely love oils, but they have a different purpose in a skincare routine. They definitely help to boost and moisturise dry skin, but their main purpose is to calm stressed skin and provide an extra layer of skin plumping goodness to the face and neck. Our serum has just the right consistency to sink into skin for deep down hydration and improvement, without ever being greasy, or too rich.

One of the essential ingredients for dry skin in our serum is hyaluronic acid, which is well known as the best natural hydrating ingredient around. This is mixed with more actives like seaweed, hibiscus and stunning plant oils. The peptide rich formula plumps skin for a smooth healthy look and skin is left strong, hydrated and happy.

Of course, you could be using the best serum like our anti-ageing serum but if you miss out on the other important skin care steps, then you will not get the most out of it. So, make sure to follow the routine below to get the best out of our stunning serum for dry skin.

This is routine is for the morning and evening as carrying it out twice daily will reap the most benefits for skin. Start with our effective natural face cleansers that are never stripping and contain lots of hydration for dry skin. The gentle formulas remove makeup and daily dirt and they clear away dead skin cells plus build up, so skin is in the best position to accept and utilise the actives in our serum and natural face treatments. Our eye cream is like a serum for the eyes and amazing for dry skin. It also helps with dark circles, puffing and lines and can be found here on our natural eye cream page. Our serum and eye cream sink into the skin to leave it silky soft and ready for moisturisers. At Nakin our natural moisturisers seal in all the amazing goodness, as well as delivering more hydrating and caring nourishment to the face and neck. Finish your routine with our natural lip care that brings even the driest of lips back to health.

We hope that you found our feature useful about the best face serum for dry skin. You can find out more about Nakin below and see our full range of natural anti-ageing products range, for everything needed in a good routine. Nakin’s face products have beautiful products for oily, dry and sensitive skin types.

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