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The Best Face Cleanser for Summer

The Best Face Cleanser for Summer

In summer good cleansing is really important, it is essential all year round, but especially in summertime as we sweat more, use sun cream and spend more time outside. This calls for some special care when it comes to cleansing and our natural skincare is perfect for this.

In summer as the temperature heats up and there is more humidity in the air there is a tendency to reach for a different cleanser and usually a foaming face wash, as these are seen to offer skin a more thorough facial cleanse. However, many face washes can be stripping to skin and the squeaky-clean feeling they leave on the face is not actually a good thing. Some face washes do not clear deep down grime but instead over cleanse the skin surface and throw the skin barrier off balance, causing it to fight back with more oil production.

The other option that many people choose to cleanse with in summer is a micellar water. These one stop cleansing solutions do cut through residue, but they are also something to be wary about as they often contain strong detergents and as these are not washed off, they are left on the face continuously.

Instead at Nakin we recommend using a natural cleansing milk to clean your face all year round, regardless of if it is summer or winter. We have a stunning cleansing milk in our range that we believe is the best face cleanser to use every day in both the morning and evening. It is also an amazing anti-ageing cleanser due to its special botanical ingredients. This includes softening aloe, hydrating hyaluronic acid, detoxing seaweed and cleansing grape seed oil. It has a gorgeous softening formula that never leaves skin feeling greasy. It’s perfect for summer and removing the extra grime, sweat, sunscreen and makeup that accumulates on our face in the warmer months.

At Nakin we are huge fans of a cleansing milk for their superb facial cleansing ability without stripping skin, but also keeping skin clear and healthy. Because cleansing milks contain oil, they are a dermatologist’s favourite for cleansing the face beautifully without irritation or leaving harsh detergents on skin.

The mix of oil, water and actives work to pull away debris and dirt from the face. The oil element is important as it attracts grime, debris and makeup including pollution - so this means it can remove dirt while still keeping skin moist and nourished. The dirt attracting properties along with the massaging action of the cleansing milk help to pick up invisible particles which are not always noticeable. This means they can keep skin in great condition as a build-up of things like pollution on the face can be ageing to skin, and even contribute to brown spots and patches.

Use our cleansing milk as part of your daily routine in the morning and again in the evening. It can be massaged into skin and removed with cotton pads or a damp cloth, and even in the shower. Then follow with our Purifying Face Toner before using the rest of our anti-ageing skincare range.

To find out more about Nakin and our five-star rated skincare range then visit us online. We have everything needed for a gorgeous face care routine and our mission is to keep skin looking as good as it can naturally.  

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