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The Best Eye Cream in the UK

The Best Eye Cream in the UK

If you are looking for a special eye cream then Nakin have a beautiful natural anti-ageing one which is our Nakin Eye Cream Complex. It is so good that we believe it is the best eye cream in the UK.

We believe that our eye cream is the best in the UK due to its high performing plant ingredients and exceptional natural formula. We never use ingredients like parabens and silicones, or harsh anti-ageing ingredients like retinol or synthetic vitamin C. Instead, our eye cream includes the best botanical actives to smooth and enhance skin without causing skin disruption and irritation.

Nakin are at the forefront of high-performance natural skin care in the UK. Our eye cream is incredibly enhancing and anti-ageing because it contains such lovely actives that work to hydrate, smooth out lines and wrinkles, plus ease dark circles and puffing.

The key ingredients in the eye cream include hibiscus extract, so it is great for crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles, as it is a beautiful natural line smoother. There is hyaluronic acid for intense deep-down moisture, which also helps to keep skin smooth and plump. The formula has squalane to offer further increases in epidermal moisture levels, providing hydration to the epidermis and softening skin. It also includes antioxidant green tea and pomegranate plus algae and caffeine, to revive puffiness and dark circles.

The light bouncy formula is exactly what is needed on the eye cream as formulas that are too thick will weigh the skin down. Our formula is rich in nutrition but light on the skin, so it does not leave a residue on the eye area and only a small amount is needed. The skin is left soft, revived, healthy and smooth.

Our eye cream is fragrance free, which is really important for an eye product to not irritate the delicate eye area. Fragrance in skincare products has no benefit to skin, which is why when we do use fragrance at Nakin it is a mild natural one.

As testament to how good this eye cream is take a look at our customer reviews that are all from verified customers, with mostly five-star ratings. It is also an award-winning eye product, winning Gold in the Green Parent Magazine beauty awards and Editor’s Choice in the Beauty Shortlist awards.

Nakin are an ethical business, and we take our eco credentials seriously. This stunning eye cream is vegan, biodegradable, made in the UK and cruelty free. The packaging is easy to use and easily recyclable.

If you like the sound of our eye cream, then you will most likely enjoy the other products in our range. We have gorgeous cleansers, treatments and creams to keep the face and neck area looking as good as it can naturally. Find out more about our products and brand at the links below.

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