The Best Eye Cream for Dry Skin

The Best Eye Cream for Dry Skin

A good eye cream for dry skin needs to be intensely hydrating but without leaving a greasy residue around the eye area. This is really important as overly rich eye creams can drag skin down and can also seep into the actual eye and cause irritation, plus they might leave the skin around the eyes not looking its best and making it hard to apply make-up. At Nakin we love to produce products that work on many levels and help with skin concerns like dry skin around the eyes. This is why we have developed our Eye Cream Complex which we believe is the best eye cream for dry skin.

It is a multi-award-winning eye cream that is intensely hydrating and nourishing but without being too rich, and it achieves this because of the amazing plant ingredients that improve and hydrate skin deep down, but without greasiness.

Another special property of our natural anti-ageing eye cream is its ability to intensely improve the skin around the eyes without irritation. Dry skin and irritation often go hand in hand, as the skin barrier tends to be impaired and easily irritated. A lot of conventional eye creams can then cause a flare up in sensitivity and irritation, as they contain strong ingredients that might have a negative reaction with the skin. This can be from synthetic ingredients like propylene glycol, retinol, vitamin C and synthetic perfume. This is why at Nakin we never use these ingredients in any of our products, including our Eye Cream Complex. Instead, we use more superior kinder natural plant ingredients that have so many benefits for skin and help it to thrive. Our eye care contains many impressive hydrating and enhancing ingredients as below.

  • Hyaluronic acid which has to be one of the best natural skin hydrators available due to its ability to dramatically increase the moisture content of skin. This is a really important ingredient for dry skin, and it hydrates so much more than traditional cream ingredients can.
  • Squalane is included in the formula for its superb hydration properties. It is an exceptional emollient, so it helps with protecting, moisturising and lubricating the skin. Which are the same functions performed by our own skin sebum. Squalane is a lovely hydrator and gives skin great suppleness at the same time.
  • Hibiscus extract which is a natural line softener, it smooths and blurs lines and wrinkles but without being harsh to the skin at all. Many line smoothers like retinol can be irritating to skin and lots of people find they cannot use products that include it. Retinol can also be drying to the skin, and so is definitely one to avoid if you have dry skin.
  • Algae and green tea which help with other eye issues such as dark circles and puffiness. At Nakin we include a host of beautiful botanicals in all of our products, and this means our eye cream not only helps with dry skin, but it is also a multi-functional product to enhance the skin around the eyes in many ways.

We hope that you found our article about the best eye cream for dry skin useful. At Nakin we pride ourselves on our stunning skincare that helps to improve skin with the power of plants. To find out more about us visit our website below and see why our face range is fast reaching cult status with skincare lovers. We have hundreds of verified customer reviews to read, which provide a deep insight into our products performance.

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