The Best Day & Night Creams

The Best Day & Night Creams

At Nakin we are dedicated to producing the best face care products possible. Our philosophy for skincare combines using kind high performance plant-based ingredients with unbeatable product formulas. Each of our ingredients is carefully picked to bring out the best in skin to help it thrive, which is why we have such amazing natural anti-ageing skincare products. This is why we believe that we have created the best combined day and night creams that are superb for nourishment, hydration and protection. They are free from SPF sunscreen, as we only recommend applying this to your skin just before going outside, as opposed to wearing it continuously throughout the day when it is not actually needed.

At Nakin we developed our moisturisers so that they work amazingly for both day and night use. This is because the plant ingredients that they contain are ones that deeply nourish and hydrate, plus give skin exactly what it needs for this during the day and the night. Skin is the same during the day and night and does not change. It still needs moisture, and always benefits from vitamins and minerals being applied, plus protection from the environment around it. There seems to be a myth that we need a thicker cream on our face during the night, however, this is not correct. During the night we are mostly resting, and so our skin is generally subjected to less stress than during the daylight hours. At night time our skin benefits from enhancing and supporting plant ingredients in the same way that it does during the day. Here are further details on Nakin’s amazing day and night creams.

Our Active Dew Face Cream is the best day and night cream for drier skin types as it has everything needed for a good moisturising routine. It is a stunning best-selling moisturiser that offers long-lasting hydration throughout the day and night. It is also lovely for normal, combination and sensitive faces. This is because of the outstanding natural plant ingredients that it contains which are kind and nourishing to the face and neck, for soft hydrated radiant skin. Some of the actives include Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba, Seaweed, Hibiscus and Pomegranate, which are powerful ingredients with superb cosmetic properties, to help skin be as naturally healthy and glowing as possible. Like all Nakin’s products it is cruelty free and made in the UK.

Our other stunning day and night cream for oily skin is out Matt Formula Face Cream. It also works for combination, sensitive and normal skin types. Even though it does not have a dewy finish it is still ultra-hydrating. Sometimes people think that we need a really rich cream for night use, but this is not the case. During the night, our skin is not subjected to the pollution and weather that it is in the day, and a too rich cream will just block skin from functioning properly. During the night, our skin goes into natural repair mode and our face creams assist with this, by providing excellent nutrition and enhancement to skin.  

Both the face creams lock in moisture and are long lasting. The Anti-Ageing Dew Cream has more of a hydrated finish and is better for drier skin types, and the Anti-Ageing Matt Cream is more for oilier skin types. Both the moisturisers are also suitable for all ages for young and mature skin, as they are as much about skin ageing prevention as they are improvement. In order to choose the right one, it more depends on if your skin is on the dry or oily side, and your preferences. They both contain the same actives, but the Dew Cream has a richer consistency and more dewy finish. Both of them offer lots of hydration and are long lasting, without being greasy.

Nakin's face moisturisers are formulated to offer exceptional benefits, both during the day and at night. During the day, they provide essential hydration, forming a protective barrier against environmental pollutants with their nutrient-rich ingredients. At night, these moisturisers support the skin's natural regenerative processes, replenishing lost moisture and aiding in repair with their nourishing and restorative compounds. The balanced blend of ingredients ensures that regardless of the time, your skin remains supple, hydrated, and rejuvenated. Whether you're combating the rigours of daily exposure or allowing your skin to heal overnight, Nakin's face moisturisers cater to your skin's needs around the clock. This is why we believe that they are the best combined day and night creams, and our numerous awards and five-star customer reviews are a testament to this.

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