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The Best Cruelty Free Face Cream for Dry Skin

The Best Cruelty Free Face Cream for Dry Skin

If you are looking for a great face cream for dry skin that is also cruelty free, then Nakin have a lovely option which is our Natural Active Dew Face Cream. At Nakin we believe in using natural ingredients to help to keep skin looking fresh and youthful, and we are against any form of cosmetic animal testing. Our Anti-Ageing Face Cream for Dry Skin is an award-winning moisturiser that is packed with hydrating, smoothing, plumping and protecting botanical ingredients. If you are looking for a cruelty free face moisturiser for dry skin, then read on to find out why it is so good.

Our Active Dew Face Cream offers so much more than just being the best cruelty free moisturiser for dry skin. The formula is incredibly anti-ageing as it is made with stunning natural actives like plumping hyaluronic acid, conditioning cassia, strengthening seaweed and antioxidant oils. It is rich and nutritious plus great for energising and helping with stressed skin issues, like dryness or sensitivity, as well as conditioning the skin barrier. Skin is left silky smooth after use, with long lasting hydration from the high-quality plant ingredients.

It is formulated for dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin is made with ingredients that are never drying or greasy, and instead bring balance and harmony to the face and neck. It is a natural face cream and so free of the obvious undesirable ingredients such as parabens, synthetic fragrance and colour, but also ingredients like silicones and PEGS. These feel lovely on skin, but we believe that they do not have any real beauty benefits, and instead we prefer to fill our products with as many rejuvenating extracts as possible.

There is a lot of confusion for many people about whether a skincare product is actually cruelty free or not. At the moment animal testing on cosmetics is actually banned in the UK and Europe. However, this does not mean that all products available for sale in the UK have not been tested on animals. This is because some countries still require cosmetics to be tested on animals, and so if a brand or brand owner sells in certain countries then they may be testing the products on animals. To complicate matters further the laws are potentially changing to allow animal testing in the UK and Europe, if it is required to protect the safety of people. This would only be for some ingredients and their combinations, plus only carried out where there are not any non-animal alternative means of testing. At Nakin we feel safe in the knowledge that we only use ingredients in our products that are known to be safe to use, and so this will never apply to our skincare.

At Nakin all of our products are cruelty free and registered with the Leaping Bunny Scheme, they are also all listed in the Naturewatch Foundation Cruelty Free Compassionate Shopping Guide. We hope that this gives the assurance that our face cream for dry skin is genuinely cruelty free, along with the rest of Nakin’s products. To find out more about Nakin and our cruelty free face care visit the links below.

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