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The Best Cruelty Free Face Cleanser

The Best Cruelty Free Face Cleanser

In our opinion it does not matter how good a beauty product is, another essential is that it is cruelty free. At Nakin we produce amazing natural anti-ageing skincare and our products are special due to the plant ingredients that we use in them, and also because they are all cruelty free. This is why we believe that we have the best cruelty free face cleanser. Find out all about it below.

Everyone knows that it is important to match your cleanser to your skin type to get the best results and at Nakin our natural face cleanser is made for all skin types, and even sensitive skin. This is because the cleansing agents are non-drying as well as not being too rich, plus as they are derived from plants they calm and boost the face and neck.

Many customers are in love with our anti-ageing cleansing milk as it is such an amazing product for so many reasons. It contains some beautiful ingredients including seaweed, pomegranate, plant oils, fatty alcohols and glycerin. It cleans skin beautifully of dirt, make-up, and deep-down impurities, but without being harsh. Instead, skin is left soft, smooth and supple. After using the milk finish the cleansing process with our stunning face toner.

Nakin’s cleansers are high-quality and effective due to the powerful plant extracts that they are filled with. As well as cleansing and purifying the face and neck they hydrate and soften to leave the complexion feeling clean and comforted. They also work with the skin’s microbiota to restore it back to health with energy and nourishment.

Both products are cruelty free and vegan, as well as being made in the UK. They are priced at £15 for 150ml bottles to make them accessible to all. Easily order them online, as Nakin ship to the UK as well as internationally. To find out more about us read our customer reviews and see the many good experiences that our customers have shopping with Nakin.

At Nakin we are all about using natural ingredients in our skincare products, and this is because they are kind and enhancing to skin, and we believe in making beauty products ethically. This is why all of our face products are cruelty free. We go a step further with our animal testing policy than many companies that say they are a cruelty free business, as we have all of our products registered with Cruelty Free International. This organisation is more well known as the Leaping Bunny scheme. It is a global scheme for cosmetic products and as their requirements are so high, it is thought of as the gold standard in cruelty free product registration. Products registered with the scheme have had to be transparent about the products not being tested on animals, but also the ingredients and suppliers being cruelty free.

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