The Best Cruelty Free Eye Cream

The Best Cruelty Free Eye Cream

One of the reasons so many people love our natural anti-ageing skincare is because it is all cruelty free. This has been essential for us and combining it with our use of the best modern plant actives makes us proud to say our range contains the best cruelty free eye cream. Our stunning Nakin Eye Cream Complex has won numerous awards of its own, and Nakin as a brand was recently shortlisted for best cruelty free range in the Natural Health Magazine beauty awards. Find out the many reasons why we have the best cruelty free eye cream below.

  • As well as being cruelty free our eye cream is made from the best natural ingredients, making it a truly standout cosmetic product. It is packed full of special plant extracts that have wonderous effects on the skin around the eyes.
  • A good eye cream needs to work wonders on fine lines and crow’s feet, as this area is especially prone to them. Nakin’s Natural Eye Cream tackles this with a powerful active form of hibiscus, which is proven to smooth out lines and wrinkles.
  • It helps with puffiness around the eye area, which is something that most of us will experience to some degree. The caffeine helps to stimulate circulation and tone the eye area.
  • There is also algae in the formula to tackle those hard to combat dark areas and circles. It works by delivering its intense omega and enzyme biological profile to skin.
  • Our Cruelty Free Eye Cream Complex hydrates the skin beautifully with hyaluronic acid which seals in moisture deep down. This is very important for the eye area, as it is prone to getting dry due to the lack of sebaceous glands that appear there.
  • One of the great things about the Nakin eye cream is that it is an incredible all round Anti-Ageing Eye Cream, containing green tea and seaweed to prevent and improve general signs of skin ageing in this delicate area.
  • The light but potent eye cream makes this product suitable for all skin types, this includes sensitive skin due to the kind natural plant formula.
  • As all eye creams should be, it is fragrance free.
  • We are pleased to also say that this is also a Vegan Eye Cream.

We have explained a lot about how amazing our eye cream is and why it is the best out there. Cosmetics can be limited for those of us that only wish to use cruelty free face products. All of our products are registered with Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny Scheme, who are dedicated to ending cosmetic animal testing. Part of their work involves a beauty product registration scheme that we are part of. All of Nakin’s products are registered with this scheme. As part of this we provide documentation to prove that all of the ingredients that we use are never tested on animals, and that our products will never be tested on animals at any point in the production or supply of the products. Leaping Bunny state that it is the gold standard for cruelty free cosmetic and personal care products.  

We hope that you found our feature helpful about the best cruelty free eye cream. At Nakin we are dedicated to helping to end cosmetic animal testing. One of the sad facts is that it still goes on in the UK and around the world, when there really is no need for this to happen. By shopping with cruelty free brands like Nakin’s we can all do our bit to put an end to this awful practice. To find out more about Nakin and our cruelty free UK skincare take a look at the links below.

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