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The Best Colourless Lip Balm

The Best Colourless Lip Balm

Sometimes a bit of colour on the lips is nice but for most of the time a good colourless lip balm cannot be beaten. They give a lovely look plus show off our natural colouring and match any make up or outfit look. Colourless lip balms like Nakin’s Natural Lip Treatment Balm can be filled with nourishing and enhancing ingredients that provide a sheen to lips, while deeply conditioning at the same time. This is why we believe our product is the best colourless lip balm available, find out more about it below.

One of the best things about our Lip Treatment Balm is that it is so loved by customers and mostly five-star rated. It has also won awards for being such as special lip product. It gets its power from the sublime ingredients including a special blend of shea, beeswax. grape, baobab, argan and sunflower oil. Such a hugely beneficial mix of ingredients have superb humectant, emollient and protecting properties for lips. This helps to keep moisture in the lips and also protects them from the damaging effects of things like pollution. It is also wonderfully soothing and healing to even dry and cracked lips. As it contains beeswax this is not a Vegan product though, although it is vegetarian and cruelty free registered.

Our lip balm is suitable for even very dry and sensitive lips and despite its rich nurturing formula it has quite a light balm consistency, which is able to seep into the cells and never weigh lips down. Lip balms are important to keep lips nourished as they can easily get dry and cracked. We always recommend a 100% natural lip balm like ours, as it means that no synthetic ingredients can seep into the thin skin of the lips.

A good lip balm is as much about what it contains as what it does not contain. Ours is free from coconut oil which often seems to be common in lips balms, however, we do not recommend it as this is such a fatty oil that goes runny on skin, and so it can cause breakouts in the lip area and skin around the lips. Coconut oil is cheap and hugely popular, and it does have humectant and nourishing properties, however for many people it does not work well for them, and we never use it in any of our Nakin products. The balm is free from fragrance and essential oils, apart from mint oil which is there for its stimulating effect, as it is plumping and reviving to help lips look healthy and full.

Our colourless lip balm is also free from dye and colour and makes a great lip product that boosts without the need for colour. It is also free from petroleum and synthetic ingredients such as lip glossing agents. Instead, it gets its subtle shine from the amazing natural butters and oils within the formula. As well as giving lips a nice sheen it is filled with masses of nutrition for the ultimate lip vitamin boost.

We hope that you enjoyed our feature about the best colourless lip balm. If you are looking for a good clear lip balm then it makes a lovely choice, that calms and hydrates dry lips and gives them a natural luminosity. At Nakin all of our face products are designed to offer this elevated level of skin product and we have a full range of face care. This includes cleansers, face treatments and creams made from high performing plant ingredients. To find out more about our products and range take a look at the links below.

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