The Best Botanical Face Cream for Drier Skin Types

The Best Botanical Face Cream for Drier Skin Types

If your skin is on the drier side, then you will want a good face cream that caters for this. This means using a high-quality face cream that is formulated with hydrating and nourishing botanical ingredients to revive and balance dry skin. This is where our Active Dew Face Cream comes in, which we believe is the best botanical face cream for drier skin types. It is specially made with drier skin types in mind, as well as normal, combination and sensitive skin. This is because we rarely have just one straight skin type, and even when skin is dry it can still be prone to breakouts or have sensitive areas. Take a look below to find out why it is such a fantastic face cream for drier skin types, with the best botanical ingredients.

Our Active Dew Face Cream gets its power from an exclusive blend of plumping hyaluronic acid, anti-ageing cassia, healing shea butter, antioxidant grape seed oil and calming jojoba oil. This gives everything needed in a good face cream so that the face and neck are delivered the complete care needed. These botanical ingredients offer skin so much and we love that they do this without causing the irritation that synthetic ingredients can.

For those with drier skin types, finding a face cream that won't leave you feeling flaky or itchy can be a challenge, but botanical ingredients work differently. That's why our award-winning botanical face cream for drier skin types is the perfect choice. This hydrating cream deeply replenishes and nourishes the face and neck, leaving them soft and smooth. It contains so many natural botanicals to soothe dryness and deliver powerful antioxidants to fight off signs of ageing. Additionally, it works to keep hydration in while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. The unique combination of ingredients in this face cream make it the ideal choice for anyone with a drier complexion who wants to achieve maximum moisture without greasiness. With regular use, you will notice a softer and more supple skin complexion that looks healthy and vibrant. Our Dew Cream is ideal for those seeking a gentle yet effective daily moisturiser that won't strip the skin of its natural oils and instead gives it the nourishment it deserves.

At Nakin we have a very strict ingredients policy and we never use lots of the ingredients that are found in most face creams. This includes ingredients like silicones and PEGs which are common additions to many face creams, including those branded as natural. These synthetic ingredients are used for their hydration and silky feel on the skin. So, when they are applied, they give the impression of a luxurious hydrating face cream, but really, they do not contain any nourishment for the face and neck. So, instead at Nakin we pack all of our anti-ageing face products with incredible botanicals that contain so many skin enhancing properties. Our full range of botanical skincare is online at www.nakinskincare.com and everything is made in the UK and cruelty free.

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