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The Best Anti-Ageing Serum

The Best Anti-Ageing Serum

There are so many different categories of face serums out there that it can be hard to know which one is the best for your skin type. That’s why at Nakin we have developed one super powered serum that is our Nakin Performance Face Serum. It takes the guess work out of buying a serum, as it works for every skin type, because the formula is filled with amazing botanicals. The ingredients are specially picked to be ones that every skin loves, and also work on a multitude of skin requirements. Find out more about it below and see why it is the best anti-ageing serum around.

  • Our Natural Face Serum has a concentrated formula and is designed for use after cleansing, and before moisturising. It has a large number of plant ingredients that target many skin care requirements, from hydrating and smoothing wrinkles, to lightening dark areas. If you want to enhance your skin and improve hydration, brightness and smooth away wrinkles naturally then this is an amazing choice.
  • The formula contains some of the best plant actives that can be found in a serum. This includes hyaluronic acid, hibiscus, pomegranate, green tea and seaweed - to offer an amazing hydro plumping retexturising face serum that leaves the face and neck looking and feeling amazing. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and skin is left full, soft, hydrated, smooth, bright and youthful.
  • It is packaged in an easy-to-use 50ml bottle with pump dispenser and has a luxurious serum consistency. Many serums around are quite watery but this product combines beautiful botanical actives with a rich velvety lotion, that glides on and sinks into skin perfectly. As it is so beautifully smoothing to skin, we do not recommend using a separate primer, as this is not needed. An oil can be applied on top, followed by a face cream to seal all the goodness in.
  • Our serum is suitable for all skin types as it is made with the best plant ingredients that all skin types love and are never oily or drying. One of the wonderful things about Nakin’s serum is that it contains only a small amount of a completely natural fragrance. It is just a mild gentle refreshing scent, and this is one of the reasons that it is kind to even sensitive skin types.

Our Nakin Performance Face Serum is a cult product amongst natural beauty lovers. It does not always appear in the top favourites of magazine editors and beauty You Tubers, as Nakin is a small brand and we do not have big advertising budgets. Instead, we prefer to invest everything into our products and let them speak for themselves. Our products are personally tested by ourselves, and our thousands of customers, plus the quality can be seen in our hundreds of five-star reviews and numerous awards.

At Nakin we believe in helping skin to look as good as it can naturally, for beautiful skin at every age. This is why our range of anti-ageing skincare contains everything needed for a gorgeous skincare routine, without the need for chemical or invasive treatments. You can find out more about Nakin and our products in the information below.

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