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The Benefits of Juicing

The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing has been big for decades now and there are particularly good reasons for this. It is so popular that it is no longer something that just the ultra healthy take part in, and there are also lots of juice shops that offer these as a yummy healthy drink. They are great as a snack in between meals that can be filling and nutritious at the same time.

Juicing fruit, vegetables and super foods together can have amazing benefits for our overall health, skin and hair. The nice thing about juices is that it is easy to combine lots of raw healthy foods that you might otherwise not be inclined to eat so regularly. Especially as combining vegetables and superfoods with fruits takes away some of the undesirable taste that some foods like spirulina have. As juices are so packed with nutrients, they are great for our bodies and mind, plus help us to feel good. Another huge benefit of juicing is that the nutrient boost is great for our looks. Alongside the best natural skincare products, it is one of the best ways to achieve healthy glowing skin, nails and hair.

Drinking fruit and vegetable juices can play a significant role in enhancing our skin's health and appearance. These natural beverages are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which combat free radicals that cause premature aging. For instance, the vitamin C found in citrus fruits aids in collagen production, maintaining skin's elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Similarly, the beta-carotene in carrots is known to fight inflammation and promote a glowing complexion. Thus, incorporating a variety of juices into our diet not only nourishes our body but also contributes to radiant, healthy skin.

Drinking fresh juices is a really easy way of obtaining our required nutrients. It is just one part of a healthy lifestyle that can put us in a healthier frame of mind. Juicing is great for a reset of our systems after periods of illness or celebrations and they are a great way to look after ourselves. It is just about respecting our body and taking care of it with really good nutrients. It is also cleansing to the systems. Our liver does a surprisingly good job of this already, but the right nutrients help our bodies to function as well as they possibly can. One of the greatest benefits of drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices is the increase in energy that a vitamin and mineral boost does for us. It is also great for the brain because juices contain polyphenols, which are chemicals that help to boost and protect brain function.

10 Benefits of Juicing

  1. It’s an easy way to combine lots of healthy foods
  2. Juicing helps us to quickly receive a high concentration of nutrients
  3. The vitamins and minerals in juices help to achieve healthy glowing skin
  4. Juices boost and energise our systems
  5. The right juices support and protect brain function
  6. Drinking fresh juice helps is to achieve optimum nutrition levels
  7. The potent nutrient boost helps prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  8. Nutritious juices will strengthen our immunity
  9. Some juice combinations can assist in healing ailments
  10. Fresh juices cleanses our digestive systems

How to Get the Benefits of Juicing

The benefits of juicing are clear to see and nowadays there are so many recipes and programmes out there. If you are new to juicing then we are not suggesting that we all suddenly go on a strict juice cleanse. This is quite dramatic and cuts out other essential foods like protein, carbohydrate and fibre. The best way to get the benefits of juicing is to have them regularly, or as a reset boost after a stressful period. One way to do this is by using juices to cleanse and boost our systems on a regular basis, but safely. So maybe have one for breakfast instead of toast, or as a snack mid-morning instead of a less healthy snack.

Do not worry if you do not have a juicer as you can buy some of the juices fresh from health stores. Juices like carrot, apple and beetroot are easily available. Just make sure that they are fresh as these will have the most nutrients and without any added sugar You can also juice in some extra ingredients like ginger and turmeric using a garlic crusher.

When making a blend of juices you can add equal quantities of the main juices and then also include smaller amounts of the super foods like turmeric, ginger or spirulina. Then add some water to dilute the juice, as it will be in a highly concentrated form that your system is not used to receiving in one go. For this reason, it is best to sip your juices. If you sip and kind of eat the juice slowly it means that our digestive enzymes can get to go to work before the juice hits the gut. This is kinder to the digestive system. It is good to remember that juicing fruit and vegetables is not the same as eating those fruits and vegetables. The juice of them will be missing the especially important fibre that eating whole fruits and vegetables have. So, it is not a complete replacement for eating fruits and vegetables, instead it is an additional tool to consume a healthy diet of highly concentrated nutrients. It is also important not to waste the parts of the vegetables and fruit that are left after juicing, as they can be used to make snacks, sauces and stocks.

There are no hard and fast rules with juicing and the best ingredients to use. It is good to eat a rainbow of coloured fruit and vegetables, as the different coloured foods tend to contain different nutrients. Green vegetables are always good for us and so adding a handful of greens to a juice is always going to benefit our systems. This is because of the nutrients they contain, where many green vegetables like spinach and broccoli contain chlorophyll, which reduces internal inflammation and is amazing for our blood system. Fruits will sweeten any juice and easy ones to use are apples and oranges. Remember though that fruits like oranges and grapefruit should not be juiced with their skin on. However, only take the actual peel off as the white pith contains ingredients called bioflavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants and enhance the vitamin C that we consume. Just experiment with whatever juices you fancy from strawberries and cabbage, to cucumber and beetroot. It is also a good idea to add herbs and superfoods like spirulina. Spirulina has long been known as a super food; it is a micro algae that contains omega 3 essential fatty acids in a plant form. This is quite rare, as omega 3 is usually found in oily fish.

If you are serious about juicing, then you might want to purchase a juicing machine. Many are affordable, although some of them can be frustrating if you would like lots of juice quickly. The more expensive juicers are the centrifugal ones, as they can take larger amounts of fruit and vegetables for more easier speedy juicing. Lots of people still use manual hand juicers, they are great for citrus fruits, but are not effective with harder or mushy ingredients.

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