Summertime Skincare Routine

Summertime Skincare Routine

Changes in the climate during summertime mean that we should relook at our face routine to make sure our skin is looking and feeling its best. The key thing is to have good natural skincare products and that is important in summer and winter alike. But there are additional tweaks and switches that should also be made in summertime, especially on hot days. See our skin care routine below that walks through the steps and reasons behind them. These work to keep skin looking great in the longer hotter days.

  1. Good cleansing is essential all year round but needs an extra dimension during summertime. Extra cleansing is important because skin tends to get a lot grubbier in summertime. This is because we are outside more and also tend to get sweatier, and we use SPF which needs to be cleaned away at the end of the day. We should spend more time cleansing at the end of the day to take this into account. Then again in the morning as during summer nights we also tend to sweat more than in winter, so good cleansing is then also important when we wake up. We always recommend using a kind natural cleanser that is never drying or striping. A drying face cleansing is just going to cause skin to produce more oil, which is not helpful at any time, and especially on a hot day. Instead use a kind one like our Natural Cleansing Milk and continue using it until the face is clean. Then follow with our natural Natural Toner.
  2. One thing that does not need switching up in summertime is facial treatments, as these should be used all year round. As long as they are high performing products, they will be strong enough to help skin to recover from any unplanned sun exposure. At Nakin we develop award-winning plant based anti-ageing skincare and our treatment products help skin to resist and correct the signs of ageing. Use our Natural Face Serum to help smooth lines, hydrate and condition skin, including sun damage issues like pigmentation. Then apply our Natural Face Oil to nourish and revitalise skin. For the eye area use the Natural Eye Cream Complex which is hydrating, reduces lines, circles and puffing. The silky springy formula never weighs skin down and is lovely for use all year round. Using these products will ensure smooth continuation of actives that skin greatly benefits from.
  3. Hydration is still important even in summer, and many of us still have dry areas of skin in the hotter months. If you do not have dry skin then you might want to switch up to a lighter moisturiser, especially in high summer. We have two face creams to choose from and our lighter one is our Natural Matt Cream which is designed for oily, combination, normal and sensitive skin. Although some customers with drier skin still switch to this in high summer, as it still offers lots of hydration, but without a dewy finish. For those with drier skin types the Natural Dew Cream has more of a hydrated finish and can still be used in summer.  
  4. Lips need lots of care in the summer and winter and our natural lip balm is a lovely product that is full of goodness, it gives lips a nice sheen without stickiness.
  5. One essential all year-round product and especially in summertime is sunscreen. During summer there is a lot more UV light around and it is also much stronger. So, covering skin with clothes and sunscreen is essential. We also recommend using a water-resistant sun cream in summertime and this is because we tend to sweat more in summer, which can reduce the amount of time a non-water-resistant SPF product can work. Pay particular attention to upper lips, cheeks and forehead. This will keep your vulnerable skin protected from the sun and remember to apply a SPF to the lips as well. Reapply sun cream regularly and to all areas of exposed skin.
  6. Lastly take extra care to stay hydrated as this helps our skin and whole system to function as effectively as possible, plus helps to keep our skin clear and glowing.

We hope that you found our advice helpful on skin care changes that you might want to consider in summertime. This is because our skin requirements change in the warmer weather as it contends with the effects of greater daylight, humidity, UV rays and air conditioning systems. Nakin’s range helps skin to look fantastic all year round, to find out more about us and our modern natural formulations take a look at the links below.

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