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Star Style: Denise Richards Beauty Routine

Star Style: Denise Richards Beauty Routine

There are some celebrities that we look at and wonder just how they look so good. Denise Richards is one of them and we especially admire her as she seems such a nice person. At Nakin we believe in looking as good as we can by using the Best Natural Skincare Products as well as a healthy lifestyle. Denise was born in 1971 and she looks fabulous, she also has a natural look that we love, so let us delve into her life to see how she achieves this.

Denise shot to fame many years ago and then more recently as a cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and a really sweet member of the team, with a chilled fun persona. Denise has also been an A list hollywood actress for many years. She has 3 children and is married to Aaron Phypers who owns an energy centre, which is where they met. The centre is all about healing through energy medicine. They moved to Malibu and lived on the ocean front in a gorgeous house. Denise said that she moved there as she wants things simpler and more zen. That is something that we can totally get on board with and living next to the ocean must be really therapeutic. We love the sound of how fresh and healthy it must be living right on the ocean. They wake early every day to work out which is no doubt one of the reasons that she looks so good.

Denise Richards Beauty Routine

Denise has told the Curly Nikki blog that, “When I’m working, I have the best in the business making sure I look perfect from every angle; I just let them work their magic. But when I am at home, it is all about my kids, which means my beauty routine is pared down to the bare minimum. I think the best way to keep it simple is to adopt a beauty routine that keeps your hair healthy and your skin glowing. Denise always looks glowing and we think she might use a fake tan, with Denise having such amazing skin.

We read in Refinery 29 about her everyday routine which she says “Is very minimal right now, because I’m not wearing a lot of makeup. In the morning, I don't even wash my face, I just rinse it with water, put on cream oil moisturiser and sunscreen. Then at night, I wash my face with cleanser, use a night-time serum, a little bit of the eye cream, and that is it. This is a routine that we love as at Nakin we are all about simplicity. Denise has her own skincare line which is based on hemp oil. But we are sure that if she did not use that she would love Nakin’s range of natural Anti-Ageing Skincare. Denise also told Refinery 29 that she is not into cosmetic treatments like Botox and fillers. We are sure this is one the reasons that she has such a natural look. This is also our belief at Nakin and why we have award winning plant based Anti-Ageing Skincare. We prefer to help skin to look great naturally with good skincare, instead of using cosmetic procedures, but we also believe that everyone should do whatever they like to.

Nakin’s full range includes our natural Advanced Cleansing Milk to brighten skin with the silky lightweight formula and our Rejuvenating Face Wash to clear skin with its luxury foaming formula. Our other cleansers include the Purifying Face Toner which detoxes, hydrates and revives and our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic . that renews and rejuvenates. Then revive eyes with the natural Eye Cream Complex which is full of potent plant ingredients like seaweed and hibiscus for puffing, dark circles and lines. Treat skin with our natural Performance Face Serum  to rejuvenate skin with potent plant ingredients. There is also our Revitalising Face Oil to condition and energise. Our natural face creams include the Active Dew Face Cream for drier skin and Matt Formula Face Cream for oilier skin types. Then plump up lips with our Lip Treatment Balm full of the gorgeous butters and oils to soften and protect even very dry lips.

Denise Richards Hair

Denise has stunning bronde hair (a brown blonde mix) and we are not sure if it is a balayage or highlighted. She often wears it in a side plait, a ponytail or an up top knot bun for every day. She has naturally thick wavy hair that is long and gorgeous, and she even had her own hair line. This long style is really versatile, and she often has different styles and a mix of curly, straight, side and centre partings. Her hair for her wedding was a wavy curly look, clipped up at one side.

Denise Richards Fitness

Denise has a great attitude to fitness and instead of looking at it as losing weight, she focuses on the fact that exercise keeps her strong and healthy and gives her more energy. Denise is a huge fan of Pilates and has been a devotee for over 20 years. The fact that Denise has such an amazing figure but still eats normal food is making us think that we also need more Pilates in our life. Denise told Pilates Style that after starting Pilates her muscles were sore, but it was not the kind of pain where she felt bruised or didn’t ever want to do it again. Instead she felt taller, longer, lighter and stretched out, as opposed to when she used more regular workout equipment, which made her feel more compact. We totally agree with this and we love holistic exercise like Pilates and yoga. Other exercise that Denise is a fan of is lunges for her lower body and workout ropes for the upper body. She also finds walks along the ocean really healing.

Denise Richards Diet

Denise told Hollywood Life that she must have her veggies and she enjoys lots of stews and vegan soups. Her diet includes lots of fruit and vegetables; but she still ate bread, peanut butter, protein bars, grilled cheese, potatoes, burgers and steaks. Although more recently Denise has cut some of these foods out due to an enlarged thyroid.

Denise Richards Style

Denise is one of these people that looks amazing in everything that she wears. She often wears a v neck t-shirt with jeans or a floaty long skirt. But also wears vest tops, leggings and jeans shorts. Denise even manages to look super cool and gorgeous in jogging bottoms. However, she also knows how to glam it up with gorgeous dresses for an event or night out.


We hope that you enjoyed this article and found it interesting to read more about Denise Richards beauty regime. We loved researching this and learning more about her. To find out more about Nakin and our award winning anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin produce natural face products for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin. The full range can be found here and is designed to help skin to thrive and flourish by using the best plant active ingredients. Everything is cruelty free and made in the UK.

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