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Star Beauty: Tess Daly’s Skincare Routine

Star Beauty: Tess Daly’s Skincare Routine

If there is one UK presenter that stands out for being lovely, classy and always looking amazing it is Tess Daly. She is a huge advocate of a natural lifestyle which is fantastic and we have looked into more about Tess Daly’s skincare routine, to share the types of products that she uses to help her look so fabulous.

We love Tess Daily and find her Instagram a source of inspiration with her healthy living and lifestyle tips. Tess is a busy working mum of two and still always manages to look amazing. She presents one of the most popular shows on UK TV, which is Strictly Come Dancing, plus has a clothing brand and has just written a healthy living lifestyle book called Four Steps to a Happier Healthier You. We are interested in how Tess manages to look so fabulous, at 53 years old she really does look years younger, and her skin is always glowing. Read on to find out some of her skincare routine that helps her to achieve this.

  • Tess knows the importance of good exfoliation to clear away the build-up of dead skin cells, plus ease away dullness and lines. She uses pads but also a liquid exfoliator that is similar to our Natural Exfoliating Radiance Tonic.
  • She also loves a skin repair product, and we have a great one in our range which is the Natural Performance Face Serum. It is uniquely formulated with plant actives to help diminish lines and wrinkles, plus hydrate and condition the face and neck. Or for face cream moisturisers we have two options, the Natural Dew Cream which is for skin on the drier side, and the Natural Matt Face Cream which is for skin on the oily side.
  • She likes a balmy product that works for everything from an intensive moisturising boost, to using on her cuticles and lips. Nakin have a gorgeous lip balm which is our Natural Lip Treatment Balm that contains sumptuous plant oils and butters to revive even the driest of lips. Although it is a lip balm it can also be used on other areas such as dry skin patches and cuticles.
  • One of Tess’s secrets to having skin that looks so alive is to use fake tan, which as we all know is an easy way to give our skin a glow without the risk of sun damage. She also has a non-invasive beauty treatment called Ultherapy once a year. It is an ultrasound therapy treatment which boosts collagen inside the skin. She also likes massages and reflexology.
  • Tess incorporates lots of other actions into her beauty routine, to keep her skin looking so fresh and glowy. One thing that we notice from Tess is how big she is on wellbeing. Healthy eating is a big part of her daily routine, plus she takes supplements. She also includes lots of fitness in her everyday lifestyle, which includes yoga and work outs with her personal trainer.

We hope that you enjoyed our blog article about Tess Daly’s skincare routine. To find out more about Nakin and our natural anti-ageing skincare then take a look online.

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