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Star Beauty: Margo Robbie's Skincare Routine

Star Beauty: Margo Robbie's Skincare Routine

We admire Margo Robbie’s style and especially her beautiful skin. So, we thought we would investigate how she looks so fabulous. We also want to uncover her secret beauty and skincare tips, so that we can steal them.

Margo lives in a charming little five-bedroom house in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles. She starts her day in a pretty normal way with a cup of tea, followed by some exercise. Margo loves to swim but is also a big fan of tennis, dancing and Pilates. She tells Harper’s Bazaar Magazine that, “Eating well and exercise need to be prevalent in my life so that I can feel my best, but I don’t want to dwell on it too much.” Margo especially loves reformer Pilates where a machine is used to strengthen the core and tone the whole body.

Diet wise Margo doesn’t believe in restricting all treats from her diet. Instead she believes in moderation and told Women’s Health Magazine that she cuts back on her intake of saturated fats, fast food, sugary drinks and chocolate. But she still allows herself a few indulgences.

Skincare wise Margo has stunning pale skin that’s sensitive and on the dry side. Her biggest tip is that no matter how late it is she never goes to sleep with make-up on. Margo is stunning and so it’s no surprise that Showpo list her skin routine as pretty simple. Margo cleanses with a product that you can also use in the shower like our Natural Face Cleanser and she exfoliates regularly. She’s a big fan of hydrating facial mists so our Conditioning Face Toner would be perfect for her. After cleansing Margo finishes up with a good moisturiser for dry skin like our Nakin Active Dew Face Cream. Margo is also a big lip balm lover, so our Anti-Ageing Lip Balm will be perfect for her. We were surprised to read that Margo tends not to use a face serum in her skincare routine as she is worried that they may cause extra sensitivity. We need to let Margo know about our Natural Face Serum that rejuvenates skin with the best plant actives and is kind to even sensitive skin. We also recommend using a Natural Eye Cream for skin ageing prevention and repair. This will alleviate sagging, puffing and dark circles which might be bought on from Margo’s busy filming schedule.

Make-up wise Margo is a huge fan of using Chanel products. We were quite surprised as we thought Margo would be an eco-warrior and insist on natural skincare and natural make-up products. But Chanel do have a high-performance make-up range famed for its unrivalled colour shades and long-lasting eye liners. Margo’s red carpet looks blow everyone away, each awards show that she attends Margo manages to capture a stunning back to back beauty look. We do like that Margo’s look is quite a minimal makeup style. Her signature style and products are:

  • A striking eye liner and subtle smoky eye; which is often produced with Chanel’s Le Crayon Yeus Precision Eye Definer
  • A Black lengthening mascara to define lashes
  • Using a soft pink blush or peachy blush on cheeks
  • Applying a minimal shimmery eye shadow
  • Using a peachy nude lip - with her favourite being Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in the colour Boy

Margo’s embraces her natural wavy hair over straight hair and it’s a look she refines on many a red carpet. Her hairstylist Bryce Scarlette says that it’s actually a simple look to create using just a hair dryer and curling tong as below:

  • When hair is still damp create a side or centre parting as desired
  • Make sure hair is completely dry using a hair dryer
  • Use a tapered curling tong
  • Divide the hair into sections
  • Take one-inch sections of hair and curl hair, but only starting from the ear (alternate the curl direction if you prefer a more beachy look)

Margo Robbie was bought up in Queensland Australia, so our immediate thoughts are how she kept her skin so fresh with all those strong sunshine rays. Queensland has a year-round average temperature of 29C, but in the summer months it is much higher. As well as such strong sunshine Queensland has higher UV radiation than most areas in the world. Margo was born in a generation where the dangers of the sun for skin ageing and skin cancer are well known. Margo protects herself from the sun by using sunscreen every day. If Margo does have any sun damage from her years in the sun, then she could use Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare range. It contains powerful plant actives like hydrating hyaluronic acid and pomegranate which gives a vitamin C infusion to skin for a brighter even skin tone, and hibiscus to smooth lines. These days Margo Robbie lives in Los Angeles and we know they have some of the newest skin preserving beauty treatments of anywhere in the world. Margo embraces beauty treatments, especially natural ones.

When we were researching this article on Margo Robbie’s skincare, it is clear that her friends and family are important to her and she spends lots of time with them. This could well contribute to Margo’s fantastic skin as when we are happy, we release feel good hormones. These include serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. When we are stressed it negatively impacts us and is ageing to skin. When we are happy our skin is not negatively affected and instead is oxygenated and glowing. Spending time with people that we love is a great way to boost these natural feel good hormones.

Margo’s biggest beauty regret is having her nose pierced when she was a teenager, as she always notices it on screen. It’s nice to know that even stunning ‘A’ list stars are like all of us and have made a few beauty mistakes.

We hope you enjoyed our feature about Margo Robbie’s skincare and beauty routine. To find out more about Nakin visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin are experts in natural anti-ageing skincare. We produce the UK’s best skincare products that are all made in the UK, and cruelty free.

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