Star Beauty: Jennifer Lopez's Beauty Routine

Star Beauty: Jennifer Lopez's Beauty Routine

Jennifer Lopez is in her fifties and we cannot help but notice what great skin she has and thought we would delve deeper into what her beauty routine is. Of course, she is an A list celebrity and probably has the best body trainers, facialists and nutritionists helping her out. So, we cannot compare our lifestyle with Jennifer's, but we can take a few of her beauty tips and add them to our own routine.

The key tips that we can steal from Jennifer Lopez is that she is super fit, always wears sunscreen, drinks lots of water, and has a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. She also uses lots of high performing face products and prioritises her sleep.  

One of the things that we love about Jennifer is that she looks so natural and has said she’s never had Botox fillers or any cosmetic procedures. It sounds unbelievable, but with such a healthy lifestyle and attention to skincare it is possible to look and feel fabulous.

One of the easy things that we can all do is to protect our skin from the damaging UV rays. Jennifer has said that since the age of twenty-two she used sunscreen diligently. We are exposed to so much UV throughout our lifetime and it damages our collagen, so contributes to lines and wrinkles. Jennifer also benefits from her gorgeous skin colour, so she is probably not as susceptible to sun damage as paler skin types will be.

Our environment further contributes massively to how our skin looks, as stressors like pollution can cause skin to age faster. This is why it is important to cleanse with the best face cleansers like Nakin’s to clear away those damaging pollutants, plus to also use an amazing natural face serum like ours, to deliver intense antioxidants that fight free radicals and oxidative stress. Jennifer uses high quality skincare and is a fan of natural beauty. At Nakin we also passionately believe in the power of good face products, and this is why we developed our award-winning natural anti-ageing skincare.

Jennifer's diet will also be playing a major role in her looks. We all have different nutritional needs but there are certain food choices that help us to look and feel good. We need to make sure that we are getting enough healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is especially important for building good healthy collagen in the skin. It can be hard to eat healthily all the time but as long as we have a good balanced diet with little processed and sugary food our skin will thank us. We have all seen Jennifer strutting her stuff in performances and she is definitely highly active, this is particularly important for skin health, as it improves circulation and reduces inflammation in the entire body.

Genetics also plays a significant role in how skin ages and her mum has great skin too. Jennifer’s skin type is likely to be on the oily side, as opposed to being dry. Oilier skin seems to be more protected from earlier onset skin ageing signs, whereas drier skin types tend to show more signs of ageing. This makes sense as hydrated skin filled with moisture is plumper and dewier looking than dry skin, which is why we use skin hydrating products, to put hydration back and prevent moisture loss. Plus having hydrated skin makes skin less susceptible to irritation, which causes more inflammation. Good cleansing also keeps inflammation at bay, as things like pollution can cause premature skin ageing.

We hope that you found our feature about how Jennifer Lopez looks so great an interesting read. She clearly does not neglect her health and skin, plus prioritises them in her life. We love that her healthy lifestyle is based on natural living with good food, exercise and skincare products. At Nakin we believe that skin can look amazing using the power of plants. To find out more about us visit the links below.

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