Star Beauty: Brooke Shields Skincare Routine

Star Beauty: Brooke Shields Skincare Routine

One of our favourite Hollywood stars is Brooke Shields as she seems lovely and is a true icon. We also love the fact that she is in her mid-fifties and still looks amazing, and in a healthy natural way. At Nakin we are huge natural anti-ageing skincare advocates and so love Brooke’s philosophy on this. She recently produced a You Tube video for Vogue Magazine about her skincare routine, and we loved it so much that we wanted to share her tips. Read on to find out Brooke Shield’s easy to follow skincare routine.

Brooke loves the ritual of a skincare routine and found that this has come with age. Her life as a star often meant that she was made up with a face full of make-up and looked forward to taking it off afterwards. Brooke admits to being too aggressive on her skin when she was younger and not prioritising it enough. It was also the era of the suntan and Brooke even used to apply baby oil to her face to help to get that bronzed look.

When it comes to cleansing Brooke steers clear of the harsh cleansers that she used to use and instead uses natural ones like Nakin’s natural anti-ageing face cleansers, which she applies all over her face. After cleansing she applies collagen through a massaging gadget which is similar to a facial experience. Brooke loves getting facials and tries out all sorts of treatments, although she does not have a favourite.

Brooke uses an active serum with powerful antioxidants that really sink into skin. She does not use retinol though as it left an irritated almost flaky look. Now she understands that there are much kinder ways of looking after skin using clean natural products and feels that her skin recognises and accepts these products so much more. Brooke uses a face massager to help to apply them, as they boost her circulation and give the skin a nice pinky colour.

At Nakin we have beautiful natural anti-ageing face treatments that are perfect to help calm and repair skin, and afterwards our natural anti-ageing moisturisers hydrate, nourish and protect the face and neck. Brooke loves a rich hydrating moisturiser and ours are exceptionally rich in moisture and nutrition. The final parts of her skin routine include applying SPF and then a good lip balm like our natural anti-ageing lip care.

Brooke’s knows there is more to good skin than applying face products and her diet now includes everything, and she believes in eating what she is craving. She had previously cut out red meat for 13 years, but now just limits alcohol due to its dehydrating effect on skin.

We hope that you found our article useful passing on Brooke Shield’s skincare tips. We were so grateful to be able to hear Brooke’s words of wisdom on her skincare, and it helps us to understand how she looks so fantastic and natural. At Nakin we are huge fans of natural anti-ageing skincare, and this is why our range offers such great performance. Find out more about us and our collection of natural anti-ageing products online. with everything needed in an effective face care routine.

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