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Spring Clean Your Skincare & Make-up

Spring Clean Your Skincare & Make-up

Spring always brings a new energy that we absolutely love, so it’s the perfect time to get organised, declutter and spring clean your make-up and skincare. At Nakin we like to keep things fresh and simple which is why our Anti-Ageing Skincare is all about clean natural beauty.

Decluttering not only transforms our physical spaces but positively impacts our mental well-being. The process of organising and removing excess items can lead to a sense of achievement and control, reducing stress and anxiety levels. It simplifies our surroundings, making it easier to focus and promoting a sense of tranquility and order. This psychological decluttering mirrors the physical, creating a harmonious environment that enhances overall happiness and productivity.

So, if you love things clean and organised then why not take the opportunity of spring to clean out your make-up and skincare products. As well as making you feel good a good clear out and clean will cleanse any unwanted germs that have built up. Follow our simple three-step process of clearing, cleaning and storing, for an effective spring clean of your make-up and skincare. 

Begin by going through all of your make-up and skincare products and throw away anything that is old, out of date or that you do not use anymore. Time goes by so fast that we can easily have beauty products which are a few years old. Be ruthless as if you feel you will not use a product again, then there is no point in keeping it to clutter up your space. Also make a vow to use any products that have been stored in the cupboard for a rainy day.

Utilising out-of-date cosmetics can be harmful for a myriad of reasons. Over time, the chemical components of beauty products can degrade, leading to a breakdown in the preservatives that keep the products safe from bacteria and fungi. This can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and in severe cases, skin infections. Expired cosmetics, particularly those used around sensitive areas such as the eyes, can pose a significant risk, potentially leading to other eye infections. It's crucial to adhere to the expiry dates on cosmetic products to ensure safety and efficacy.

Once your make-up and skincare products have been sorted out and decluttered it is time to start the cleaning process. Skincare and make-up products can be wiped over, but brushes and make-up bags need a bit more of clean. Take care with make-up brushes though, as the base of the brush hair contains glue and we do not want to loosen that. The best cleanser for makeup brushes is actually natural soap, as it cleans thoroughly but is also kind to the brushes. So clean the bristle area with soap and water, taking care not to get the base of the brushes wet and then just wipe the base. Always dry make-up brushes flat to ensure that the water does not seep down into the glue area. Make-up brushes should be cleaned once a month, but more if you are prone to blackheads and outbreaks. Don’t forget to wash the actual make-up bag. Make-up bags made of material can often be put in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and plastic make-up bags can just be wiped clean. While you are at it clean hairbrushes and combs as they accumulate grease and debris from our hair overtime, which we are transferring back to our hair every time we use them. Natural shampoo is perfect for cleaning hairbrushes and combs.

Next on the list is organising your skincare and make-up products so they are easy to find and stored well. Our advice is to keep the products that you use regularly close by, but store more infrequent products in a cupboard. This will provide a nice clear space for everyday skincare and make-up rituals. Make-up bags as the name suggests are great for make-up as it is often lots of small items. Daily skincare products can be left out on a dressing table to make them easily accessible, or it works well to have them in a small basket. Keep make-up brushes separated by storing them in a pot, or old candle holder - where they can spray out without touching each other. It’s a good idea to keep make-up sponges separate and in their own container if possible, so they do not pick up debris from other things.

Now that your beauty products are decluttered and beautifully clean, you might have space to invest in some new products. We tend to stick with the same products that we have used for years, even if they may not be working for us anymore. If you are looking for a fresh face care routine then why not try Nakin’s natural anti-ageing products. Nakin’s Face Care Products are made with the best plant actives that naturally beautify skin without harsh ingredients. Our clean minimal natural skincare has everything that you need for the perfect face care routine. Our Advanced Cleansing Milk cleanses plus comforts skin and our Purifying Face Toner  provides a reviving skin detox. We also have our Rejuvenating Face Wash and Exfoliating Radiance Tonic. Our face treatments include the intensive Performance Face Serum for skin issues such as lines and sun damage and there is our Revitalising Face Oil to deeply calm and nourish skin. To revive eyes apply our Eye Cream Complex that works wonders on dark circles, wrinkles and puffing. After treating the face follow with one of our face creams. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is more for oilier skin or good under rich make-up. The Active Dew Face Cream is richer and better for drier skin. Finish with our Lip Treatment Balm which is hydrating for even dry lips.  Everything in Nakin’s range is suitable for even sensitive skin. You can find out more about Nakin on our website www.nakinskincare.com where we have the full cruelty free skincare collection, as well as lots of natural skincare tips and advice.

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