Skincare Without Strong Essential Oils

Skincare Without Strong Essential Oils

Essential oils can have lots of amazing benefits for us including emotional and therapeutic properties, and this can include beauty benefits for our skin. However, we also know that many of our customers are not fans of products with lots of essential oils, and this is why our Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare is made with minimal amounts of them. We only use a tiny amount as part of our natural fragrance blend, plus mint in our Lip Treatment Balm for its plumping properties.

At Nakin many of our customers comment on the fact that we use so little fragrance in our products, and this is a choice and something that we believe in. Fragrance has no benefit for the skin at all, and although we use a blend that is 100% natural we use a very small amount and instead prefer to fill our face products with as much skin boosting plant ingredients as possible. We are lovers of natural beauty but within natural ingredients we pick the very best for skin.

At Nakin, we have chosen to be mindful of the ingredients we use in our range of facial products, particularly concerning essential oils. Our decision not to include strong essential oils is rooted in our commitment to ensuring that our skincare is as gentle as it is effective. While these oils may offer beneficial properties, they can also be overwhelming for the skin, causing sensitivity and, in some cases, leading to irritation.

Our approach to natural skincare is built on a foundation of careful formulation and the use of safe, gentle ingredients. We believe that skincare should be a luxurious and nurturing experience that supports your skin's health and beauty without any unnecessary risks. Therefore, we focus on sourcing and using alternative, non-irritating ingredients to provide the best care for even the most sensitive of skin types. For anyone who suffers from skin conditions like eczema or rosacea, using products with strong essential oils can exacerbate these problems, therefore our products are made for the entire skin spectrum.

Nakin believes in the power of gentle, natural ingredients in face products. We have a commitment to maintaining the delicate balance of the skin, and we have found that some strong essential oils may not be suitable for the sensitivity of facial skin. These oils, due to their potency, can be quite overwhelming for the skin, leading to irritation and sometimes even more severe reactions in individuals with sensitive skin. Our approach to skincare involves avoiding ingredients that may cause such reactions, preferring to use a range of botanicals and other natural substances known for their effectiveness without the harsh side effects. Our philosophy is to provide a safe and nurturing skincare range, which is why you will not find strong essential oils in our facial products.

In our commitment to gentle and effective natural skincare, Nakin prioritises the well-being of your skin. While strong essential oils can offer certain benefits, they are also known to be overwhelming for the skin and can cause sensitivity in some individuals. For this reason, we opt for alternative ingredients that are not only gentler but also provide the soothing benefits our customers look for.

Our choice of ingredients and our approach ensure that Nakin's products remain suitable for even sensitive skin types. We believe that skincare should not only be effective but also a source of care and comfort for your skin. Therefore, we sidestep the use of strong essential oils, which can sometimes counteract this purpose, and instead create blends that offer a more calming and nurturing experience for your skin.

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