Skincare Through The Decades

Skincare Through The Decades

Most of us love great skin, so treating it with tender loving care through life, will go a long way to keeping it looking as good as it can. Great skin is not about keeping young, instead it’s about ageing well.

Skin is our largest organ and its main role is to guard our bones, muscles and internal organs. But most of us like to keep it looking as fresh and healthy as it can. So how do we keep our skin looking as fresh as a daisy? The answer is to start looking after it as soon as we can. Always eat as well as possible with nutritious food, packed with a healthy diet including lots of vegetables. Feeding skin inside and out with anti-oxidants is essential. Get plenty of sleep, and stay hydrated and cleansed with masses of water. We all know that an essential part of skin health at every age, is to minimise sun-light induced damage. Another element that Nakin is passionate about it to only use natural skin products, as they work with our natural physiology, so skin can breathe and function as it should.

It seems like a lot to do but once you start taking care of your skin properly it soon becomes a habit, and an enjoyable one too. This is because looking after our skin throughout our life is a form of self-care. It is time to relax in the day and have some 'me' time. Your skin will also look and feel better if you are using high quality skincare, such as our Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Face Products. Take a look at our detailed skincare advice for each decade below.

Skin In The Teens

Skin is at its most plump and glowing. It can be a bumpy ride though, due to hormonal changes. Keep skin super clean using a cleansing milk like our Advanced Cleansing Milk, which thoroughly cleans even the most sensitive skin, without stripping. A facial wash can dry skin and cause even more oil production. The way we treat skin when we are young will affect its future. This is especially true for sun care; so use natural sunscreen, stay out of hot sun, cover up with hats and use good eye protection sunglasses and clothing.


  • Gentle cleansing morning and evening
  • Removing make-up thoroughly
  • Shielding skin from the sun to prevent future damage
  • Light moisturising to provide nutrients to the skin without greasiness

Skin In Our 20s

Skin generally looks amazing during our 20s, and is able to regenerate itself well. But it can be the decade when it suffers damage from lifestyle factors, such as drinking alcohol and lack of sleep. Try to minimise these and counteract them with healthy eating and hydration. For some people spots can linger around. Keep pores clear with effective cleansing and toning. Skin is naturally hydrated in this decade, so use a non-greasy face cream like our Matt Formula Face Cream.


  • Gentle cleansing morning and evening, and make-up removal
  • Begin using a face toner
  • Shield skin from the sun to prevent future damage
  • Moisturise morning and evening for hydration, nourishment and protection
  • Start using a light eye cream by the mid-twenties

Skin In Our 30s

Cell turnover begins to slow, causing skin to lose some of its natural even radiant colour. Thorough but gentle cleansing is essential, and also double cleansing with a toner like our Purifying Face Toner. Keep dead skin cell build up at bay and reduce congested areas and lumps with gentle exfoliation by taking off a cleansing milk with a damp luke warm muslin cloth, exfoliating skin with small circular movements.

Damage from the environment starts to show, and lines start to appear as well as skin beginning to lose firmness. Sun damage shows up around 30 years after skin exposure to the sun, so any damage to skin in early childhood will start to show up during our 30s. Now is the time to begin using a repairing face product, such as our Performance Face Serum that works on healing past damage.

The 30s is often the time when life gets stressful, when many start families, and jobs become more demanding. Stress can really affect the way our skin looks, so stress relief is essential and we recommend exercise, yoga and meditation. Exercise keeps skin looking great, as sweating helps to detoxify.


  • Gentle cleansing morning and evening and make-up removal, with exfoliation once a week
  • Shield skin from the sun to prevent future damage
  • Moisturising morning and evening with a moisturiser right for your skin type
  • Use a light eye cream morning and evening
  • Use repairing treatments on skin for any ageing issues that appear, issues will vary from person to person depending on individual lifestyle choices, as well as genes
  • Start a regular skin massaging programme, even a few minutes a day will help to relax the skin, and help to reduce deep lines and ageing caused by facial tension
  • Begin an exercise regime (seek medical advice)

Skin In Our 40s

During this decade many will find that skin ageing really starts to show, and we often see broken capillaries, uneven skin tone and lines become deeper. It's now that a good eye cream like our Eye Cream Complex is essential. It does not weigh down the delicate eye area, and is light and silky on skin around the eyes; while delivering powerful natural anti-ageing ingredients to soothe, combat lines, puffing and dark circles. Continue to use a serum on the face, or a natural facial oil, or both. Lips also become noticeable less fuller, so keep them soft and plumped with a good lip product, like our Lip Treatment Balm.

Past sun damage becomes more prevalent now. It shows itself in a very similar way to normal skin ageing, by drying skin and reducing elasticity from Collagen and Elastin damage. Collagen and Elastin are proteins and they deteriorate as we age, and at the same time the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin start to increase. As well as this hormonal changes tend begin for females, in the form of the peri-menopause. Skin tends to become drier and so a long-lasting hydrating moisturiser like our Active Dew Face Cream can work wonders.

The ageing process can slow down our ability to absorb essential nutrients from food, so we recommend starting to take a supplement in our 40s for any nutrient deficiencies. Some supplements like Ashwaganda assist the body to cope with stress, and help to deliver powerful anti-oxidants internally. Stress can be intense for a lot of people in their forties, as they raise families and juggle demanding careers. Exercise and stress relief are hugely important for keeping well.


  • Gentle cleansing morning and evening and make-up removal, with exfoliation once a week
  • Shield skin from the sun to prevent future damage
  • Moisturising morning and evening, with a moisturiser for your skin type
  • Use a light eye cream morning and evening
  • Use a repairing serum on skin, or a facial oil, or both
  • Continue a skin massaging routine
  • Begin an exercise regime (seek medical advice)
  • Have a regular exercise and stress relief routine (seek medical advice)

Skin In Our 50s

It can be a challenging time for skin; as sun damage from previous years usually becomes very apparent, and at the same time hormonal changes from the menopause are in full swing. Estrogen decreases, and Androgen increases which may lead to breakouts. Skin often becomes drier and irritated. A luxurious face oil like our 100% natural Revitalising Face Oil, can work wonders to soothe and condition skin.

We also need lots of nutrients at this stage of life, and nutrients have a huge benefit to our skin health and entire wellbeing. But at the same time in life, we do not need as many calories, so supplementing our diet with the right nutrients can be hugely beneficial.


  • Gentle cleansing morning and evening and make-up removal, with exfoliation once a week
  • Shield skin from the sun to prevent future damage
  • Use a rich face cream
  • Use a light eye cream morning and evening
  • Use a serum and facial oil
  • Continue with a skin massaging programme
  • Consider therapies to improve menopausal symptoms if required (seek medical advice)
  • Continue with an exercise programme that suits your lifestyle (seek medical advice)
  • Reassess supplementation (seek medical advice)

Skin In Our 60s & Onwards

Although life may start to take a welcome slower pace around this time, it’s about now that skin becomes more fragile and paler. As there is less natural oil production, its important to use a high quality face cream for deep long lasting hydration. Before applying a face moisturiser, treat skin with a face oil, to keep it looking as radiant and hydrated as possible.


  • Cleansing
  • Deep hydration from a face cream, in conjunction with a face oil
  • Use a light eye cream
  • Reassess supplementation requirements (seek medical advice)
  • Keep up with body and brain loving exercise like swimming, cycling, yoga, walking and dancing (seek medical advice)

We hope that you found our feature helpful about skincare through the decades. Whatever decade you are in, it is never too late to start looking after your skin properly. Take a look at Nakin's range of cleansers, treatments and moisturisers to see how they can work for you, and fit into your lifestyle. Give your skin a good routine in the morning and evening as soon as you can in life, and continue for as long as you can. This will give your skin the best chance to look fresh and healthy throughout your life. Combine this with the right diet and fitness for the ultimate way to look after your skin through the decades.

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