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Skincare For Dry Skin

Skincare For Dry Skin

Each of us has a very unique skin type; and caring for and treating skin appropriately for our skin type is important to achieve optimum skin health. Dry skin  is one of the most common skin types that we hear about, especially among our customers that are over 50. It can actually really affect the way skin looks and it can also be uncomfortable. So, if you suffer from dry skin, then read on to find the best way to care for it and achieve that hydrated skin glow that we all love. We are mainly going to look at dry skin on the face, but will also touch on how to help dry skin all over the body.

What Causes Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, then these are the main causes to consider:

  • The environment we are in, such as being in cold weather, or in air conditioning systems
  • Nutritional deficiencies such as Vitamin B, C, E or the Omega Oils
  • Genetic predisposition to dryness on the skin
  • Ageing, as skin naturally gets drier as the years go by
  • Lifestyle factors, such as sunbathing and drinking alcohol
  • Using products that irritate our skin
  • Medical conditions

Whatever the cause, read on to see how dry skin can be soothed and alleviated. This can be easily achieved by using our natural anti-ageing face products range as it is filled with lots of natural hydration for dry skin. Even are cleansers are hydrating to the face and neck, and everything is made to reduce irritation.

The skin we have is our largest organ and dry skin can occur on the whole skin area, where a person’s skin type is just on the dry side. Or there can be tiny percentage of the total skin area, as small as an irritated patch or spread over larger areas. If you have dry skin, then you are most likely to know about it. The signs of dry skin can vary from the milder end of the spectrum, where there is an uncomfortable feeling on the skin that may resemble a kind of tight feeling, and as if the moisture has been sucked out; to more severe drier skin with roughness, flaking, irritation and cracks. Then at the extreme end are skin issues such as Eczema and Dermatitis, that require medical advice. Dry skin issues are generally not something to be worried about, for most people it is more about alleviating the issue for comfort and aesthetic purposes.

The American Skin Association note that dry skin is also called xerosis and can occur at any age. They say that skin gets it soft flexible character from the water content in it. Dry air is probably the most common cause of dry skin, as it causes an evident reduction of water content. This is because dry skin happens when lipids are in lower than optimum levels, and subsequently there is not enough water in the stratum corneum for it to function properly. This is why skincare products can help, especially those that are natural like Nakin and contain skin loving hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, oils and butters all from nature.

Something that most of us can connect on is that dry skin is more of a problem in the winter. However, during summer the exposure to air conditioning may produce similar effects. Dry skin is also more prevalent as we age because our sebaceous glands produce less oil, we may have sun damage to the skin and our cells are not renewing as quickly, as well as hormonal changes having an effect. In fact those of us with oilier skin may find that as we age it balances out, and the oiliness is not so noticeable, or needs any special treatment. This is because as we age the skins epidermis that is in contact with the air, and directly exposed to the weather and sun then becomes drier.

If you have dry skin then keep as hydrated as possible with water, and it’s a good idea to look at your nutrition, as deficiencies can cause skin dryness. The more obvious vitamins to look at could be the B vitamins, vitamin C and E. An important group of nutrients that can help dry skin are Omega-3 fatty acids as they are responsible for maintaining healthy tissues, and a deficiency could lower the skins function in absorbing and holding water, leading to dehydration or dry skin.

Drinking alcohol can really dehydrate skin and to reduce the affects it’s good to drink water before, during and after drinking alcohol. Another lifestyle factor to think about is the products that you use for cleansing and looking after skin. Many conventional skin products contain cheap synthetic ingredients, that do not work in harmony with skin and can cause irritation. This is why we always recommend natural skincare products that are kind and gentle to skin. The Nakin Skincare range is specially developed to help prevent skin ageing, and dry skin is a big aspect of this.

How to Alleviate Dry Skin on The Face

If the skin on your face is on the drier side then there is lots that can be done to hydrate, soften and soothe skin, for a glowing dewy look. Even those of us with oilier skin can still have drier areas, or a combination of both oily and dry skin. The good news for dry skin types is that they can really benefit from the modern skin routine of layering different face care products as below, and used in the following order:

  • A face cleanser for dry skin like a cleansing milk to make skin cleansing a soothing beautiful experience for the face, with natural oils and extracts that help skin to bloom and maintain hydration.
  • A face toner for dry skin that assists with the second stage of cleansing, but also puts moisture and goodness back into skin.
  • An exfoliator for dry skin is an excellent way to clear away dry patches and instead replace with younger looking skin.
  • A face oil for dry skin as an ultimate conditioner and skin reviver. Dry skin will soak an oil up and will be comforted, smooth and glowing.
  • A face Serum for dry skin to help rejuvenate and repair past skin damage that will be contributing to skin dryness.
  • An eye Cream for dry skin to freshen and soften the skin around the eyes for a plump, hydrated and smooth look.
  • A face Cream moisturiser for dry skin for the ultimate moisture boost, with added nutrition and environmental protection.
  • A lip balm for dry skin to calm, smooth and soften even the driest of lips.

We know that some customers will be looking for treatments for Eczema and Dermatitis and expert medical advice is need for the management of these. Having said that we do recommend discussing with your doctor the use of just applying natural Jojoba Oil to skin, as this is so lovely for skin and very close to our natural biological sebum.

Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

The right skin care routine for dry skin can make a huge difference. It’s important to remember that just using rich thick creams is not the answer. Even those with the driest of skin types should use products that absorb nicely into skin. It’s not about how thick and rich a product is, instead the thing to look for is how high quality the ingredients are, how beneficial they are for skin, and especially how long lasting the products are. That’s why we love our Active Dew Face Cream for dry skin, as it absorbs beautifully and lasts all day or night as used. When choosing face products for dry skin also look for natural ingredients and hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid. All our Nakin products are natural and hydrating, as this is such a key factor in keeping skin looking as good as it can. Using natural products with high quality ingredients also means that only a very small amount of product is needed for it to be effective.

The other thing to remember is to go with your gut feeling when it comes to your skincare routine. No-one knows our own skin better than ourselves. We heard of one customer in a hot climate that just uses her own homemade essential oil water followed by our Revitalising Face Oil for her dry skin. If something feels right, with great results and makes your skin happy then go with it. It’s not something we suggest for everyone, mainly because you can get a lot more active ingredients into lotions and creams to have a really effective routine. Our skin routine will also most likely change with the different seasons of the year. In cold temperatures we all benefit from using more face products to comfort skin and keep dryness at bay.

The full routine that we do recommend is to start with our cleansing milk which removes make-up and cleans skin beautifully, but without stripping like a face wash can. Instead the cleansing milk is really hydrating and conditioning. We also prefer a cleansing milk over a face wash as the application of using the cleansing lotion helps to dislodge dirt and the lotion takes lots of it off, plus make-up too. It also delivers extra actives to the face and conditions. This can be followed with a face toner, to remove the last traces of cleanser for a deeper down cleanse, and close pores and prepare it for the active creams and treatments applied afterwards.

Once the face is beautifully cleansed it is ready to receive repair and conditioning treatments, followed by the essential skin saviour for dry skin, a blissful hydrating cream like our Active Dew Face Cream. Before this step though apply a serum suitable for dry skin, like our Performance Face Serum as it adds powerful repairing actives that also get deeper down into the skin than an oil or cream. Follow this with a face oil to condition, soften and awaken skin. After this apply an eye cream to the eye area to repair, smooth and hydrate this special area of the face. You have to be careful using products on the eye area as the spreadability can easily get into the eye and cause irritation, an eye cream also has lots more active ingredients and again gives protection. The skin around the eyes really does need a special eye product, it’s very delicate and does not have the same profile as the rest of the skin on our face. Our Eye Cream Complex is great for dry skin as it is beautifully repairing, hydrating and soothing. The next step is to apply a face cream moisturiser that adds extra nourishment, moisture and importantly protection from environmental stress that other products cannot do. The last step is to use a lip balm like our Lip Treatment Balm, that keeps lips hydrated, soft and conditioned.

How to Alleviate Dry Skin on The Body

Skin on the body can become dry as well, and often covering large areas. At Nakin we recommend a very simple routine to help alleviate this. First it is important to keep really hydrated by drinking water, and ensure you are getting enough vitamins and the Omega fatty acids, as discussed before and then follow our easy routine as below.

  • Steer clear of any body products that can irritate skin. instead try use try bathing in 100% natural dead sea salts. These contain a mass of minerals and are well known to improve any irritation, as well as softening the skin and boosting it.
  • If skin is not that irritated, then we recommend dry brushing with a natural body brush. Do this in long sweeping movements towards the heart. This acts as a gentle exfoliator; it also awakens skin and improves circulation.
  • The last step is to moisturise the body, and we suggest with just 100% natural Jojoba Oil. It is really kind and calming to skin. It leaves skin with a silky soft feel; to improve the scent of the Jojoba oil you could add just a few drops of some very mild essential oil.

We hope that you found this feature about dry skin useful. If you would like to know more about Nakin Skincare and our award winning product range then visit us online at www.nakinskincare.com Our products are not only made for dry skin as they contain beautiful plant ingredients that all skin types love. Nakin are a UK natural skincare company that produce high performance cruelty free face products. The range includes everything you need for a full face care regime and for all skin types.

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