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Skin Regime for Very Sensitive Skin

Skin Regime for Very Sensitive Skin

If you have very sensitive skin then you know how important that it is to take care of it, and only use products that are kind and nourishing. Sensitive skin has an impaired skin barrier and so any product used should be working to heal and strengthen it. This is why at Nakin all of our natural skincare is designed to hydrate and comfort skin, as it is all made with sensitive skin in mind.

It can take a while to find a good skincare routine for very sensitive skin and so we have recommended one using our natural face products as below. It is a small simple regime that offers cleansing, treating and moisturising for the whole face and neck.

  • Start with the Advanced Cleansing Milk, massaging into skin and removing with damp cotton wool or a soft cloth. It contains lots of hydrating plant ingredients with a barely there 100% natural fragrance.
  • Then apply or Revitalising Face Oil which is really calming and nourishing for sensitive skin, from the special blend on healing and rejuvenating plant oils.
  • The apply our Eye Cream Complex which contains lots of botanical extracts, a line smoothing peptide and natural hydrators to improve the skin around the eyes, plus is fragrance free.
  • Next you can use our Active Dew Face Cream which has hydration, nourishment and protection from environmental stressors like cold weather and pollution. It does not contain SPF and so is for morning and night use.

This is just some of our products and everything can be found here Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare Collection | Nakin Skincare, this is a nice routine for very sensitive skin but there are other combinations. We would recommend a patch test of any new product before use, and we have a 30-day money back guarantee as we understand that some sensitive skin is unable to tolerate even plant-based skincare.

The goal of a skin regime for very sensitive skin is to create hydration. nourishment and protection. It should include gentle, non-irritating products that can help keep the skin balanced, healthy and free from common reactions.

A gentle cleanser is essential as cleansers are often responsible for throwing sensitive skin off balance, so an oil-based lotion like our Advanced Cleansing Milk is perfect. Using our Revitalising Face Oil means that skin can receive intense and lasting nutrition plus omega oils to help heal skin, the revolutionary formula leaves skin feeling great and glowing. Then applying our Eye Cream Complex and Active Dew Cream will deliver more hydration, plus lock in moisture and goodness into the skin. Then before going outside always apply SPF to the face and neck, as the sun can compromise the skin barrier further.

We hope that you have found our regime for very sensitive skin useful. This is just a guide as we know that everyone has very unique skin and requirements. By following these simple steps, most of us with sensitive skin can create an effective skin regime that will help keep your complexion balanced and healthy.

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