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Simple Skin Routine for Dry Sensitive Skin

Simple Skin Routine for Dry Sensitive Skin

If you have dry sensitive skin, then you have probably tried all sorts of products to help. At Nakin we always receive customer messages advising us that they have tried so many products, only to be disappointed and end up with irritated skin. This is where our Nakin natural skincare range can help as we make the products with sensitive skin in mind. This is why our range is free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, artificial fragrance and colourants. We have everything needed in our range for a simple skin care routine, and for dry and sensitive skin you can really strip it back to use only the basic products.

We regularly hear from customers about how our range is one of the very few that they can use and also how our products have been recommended to them. Read on to find out more about an option for a very simple routine for dry sensitive skin. Before we discuss our recommended products, it is important to remember that everyone has such different skin, and such different requirements for a skin care routine. This post outlines a simple routine for dry and sensitive skin, but you can use more products if desired.

Nakin is all made with sensitive skin in mind, and our formulations are kind to skin plus contain only a small amount of a 100% natural fragrance. One product we would definitely recommend is the Revitalising Face Oil as it is really healing and nourishing to stressed skin, plus comforting to dry skin. For a cleanser we would recommend the Advanced Cleansing Milk and just removing with a damp cotton pad, or when in the shower. Then use the Revitalising Face Oil if you like a treatment, followed by our Eye Cream Complex and Active Dew Face Cream. The full range can be found here in our natural anti-ageing face products section.

Nakin’s products work well for dry and sensitive skin because they are all about giving goodness back, instead of taking it away. They are filled with carefully picked skin boosting ingredients that are packed with hydration, vitamins and minerals. Our products should all be fine for all skin types, but we always recommend carrying out a patch test before full use, as with all new products.

Simplicity is often the key to maintaining dry and sensitive skin. Uncomplicated skincare routines allow the skin to balance its natural oils and function at its best. Overuse of products or the inclusion of harsh ingredients can strip the skin's protective barrier, leading to increased sensitivity and dryness. Consistently using a gentle cleanser, treatment, eye cream and a moisturiser like ours that have lots of beneficial ingredients for dry and sensitive skin types can help to restore and protect this barrier, promoting overall skin health. Additionally, a simple routine minimises the risk of potential irritants exacerbating skin sensitivity, ensuring that the skin remains hydrated and comfortable. So, for the health and wellbeing of dry and sensitive skin, a simple skincare routine is often beneficial.

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