Should I Use a Watery Face Serum?

Should I Use a Watery Face Serum?

We sometimes hear at Nakin how they have switched to our Nakin Performance Face Serum and are so relieved not to have to use a watery serum anymore. We are not saying that all serums that have a watery consistency are not the best, as it will completely depend on the ingredients within it, and most serums are completely unique entities that have been specially designed to offer skin benefits that brands such as us feel are best for rejuvenation. However, there does seem to be a trend for quite watery serums that are almost essences, and in these instances, we do wonder what multi-function benefits they can have.

At Nakin our Performance Face Serum is just one of our anti-ageing face products and is made with lots of skin benefits in mind. Because of this and the ingredients within it has a thicker consistency than many serums as it contains lots of skin boosting actives and extracts for lines, hydration and skin tone, plus plant oils for repair and nourishment. Our Performance Face Serum does sink into skin, but it is not a watery one like many of them that have a barely there consistency. The consistency is more lotion like as it has a multi-benefit formula to help with hydration, lines and an uneven skin tone.

Customers sometimes notice another difference with our serum, and other products. This is because all of our products are free from ingredients like synthetic PEGs and silicones that give that silky cocooning experience, but we believe they have no real benefits and can clog pores. Our range feels lovely and moisturising on skin but is missing that synthetic slippery feel that many products have. Lots of serums can have quite a sticky gel like consistency, this again comes down to the ingredients.

A high-quality face serum can significantly improve the feel and appearance of your skin. It can reach the skin layers, delivering potent active ingredients that can address specific skin concerns more effectively. Serums can hydrate, reduce signs of ageing, brighten the skin, or combat acne, depending on its formulation. Furthermore, their lightweight and fast-absorbing nature make them suitable for use under makeup or moisturisers without leaving an oily residue. Thus, incorporating a good face serum in your skincare routine can lead to noticeable improvements and help maintain a youthful, glowing complexion.

There are various types of serums on the market. When choosing a serum, we always recommend a natural one like ours, as we believe that this gives skin a much kinder rejuvenating experience.

To get the best results from your serum, follow these tips:

  • Always apply serums on clean skin to help with absorption, and always before applying an oil or face moisturiser.
  • Use one to two pumps for the entire face and neck. A little goes a long way with serums.
  • Gently massage the serum into your skin using upward motions.
  • Allow the serum to fully absorb before applying moisturiser or other skincare products.

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