Should I Apply Moisturiser to Damp Skin?

Should I Apply Moisturiser to Damp Skin?

One of the main jobs of a face moisturiser is to lock moisture into the skin, and this is why the theory of applying face cream onto damp skin came about. It is a well-known skincare tip that many people use and practice. The way it works is that after washing your face you leave skin damp, so it is not dried off completely. If you are using a different cleansing method such as a cleansing milk and face toner, then as long as the toner is a kind natural one like Nakin's then the moisturiser can be applied before the toner completely dries, so while it is still damp on the skin. When we say damp, we do mean very slightly damp, so when your skin is almost dry, but a touch of moisture can still be felt on the face and neck.

Things have changed over the years though and nowadays many of us use a face serum and face oil between cleansing and moisturising, and if this is the case then we do not recommend applying water onto the serum or face oil, as it can dilute the potency of the actives in these products. So, in this instance, the face oil or serum (whichever is used as the first product after cleansing) can be applied onto damp skin, where they will combine with the moisture to lock hydration in.

The science behind this comes from the fact that our skin is roughly 60% water and so it aids absorption of the product into skin. It is not essential though as modern face products like Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare contain a huge amount of moisture for skin. This comes in the form of the actives and extracts that we use such as hyaluronic acid, squalane and seaweed extract. What is more important than applying moisturiser to damp skin is to apply it regularly in the morning and evening, and to also make sure that it is applied carefully all over the face and taking it down to the neck. This includes taking care not to miss areas such as under the chin, around the ears, the upper lip and into crevices such as deeper wrinkles.

So, the answer is that yes, you can apply moisturiser to damp skin if you like to. This is because it helps to lock the hydration into the face and neck, which keeps skin looking healthy, fresh and plump. This is also true for the rest of the body, where a body moisturiser can be applied after showering or bathing.

We hope that you have found our feature helpful explaining if you should apply moisturiser to damp skin. At Nakin we have a full range of high-performance natural face care, and everything can be found below.

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