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Should Eye Cream be Applied Before or After Moisturiser?

Should Eye Cream be Applied Before or After Moisturiser?

The question of whether to apply eye cream before or after moisturiser is one that comes up a lot. At Nakin we always recommend applying our natural anti-ageing eye cream before moisturising face creams. This fits in with the general beauty rule of applying skincare in the order of thinner products to thicker products. Our Eye Cream is designed to be light, springy and bouncy, as a thick cream can weigh down the delicate skin around the eyes. This areas is already susceptible to signs of ageing and so the more gravity defying help it can get, the better. Our eye care has a gorgeous silky soft smooth consistency to quickly seep into the skin cells in this area and work to hydrate, calm, smooth lines, brighten and rejuvenate the skin. Then when you apply one of our natural face creams on top it will help to seal in all of the goodness of the eye cream, in any areas of overlap, which there usually are around the top of the cheek bone area.

The full order to apply skincare products in our view is as below.

  1. Cleansing is always the first step in any routine and our natural cleansers are perfect for this. They clean and clear skin, while nourishing at the same time, plus offer excellent refinement to ensure the treatments and creams applied afterwards can best work their magic.
  2. Next apply our natural facial treatments and we are including our eye cream in this category. So apply serum, eye cream and then face oil, to give skin an intense and powerful dose of revitalisation.
  3. Then is time to apply one of our face cream moisturisers which seal in all the goodness from the treatments but also hydrate, nourish further and protect skin from environmental stress like pollution.

Finish with our lip care to complete the face products application and leave everything perfected cleansed, treated, hydrated and cocooned.

We hope that this makes it clear when eye cream should be applied. We should say that this is based on using our eye cream, as we know the consistency and how it performs. But it can depend on the type of eye cream you are using. Generally, if you are using an eye cream with a thicker consistency, you should apply it after your moisturiser. This is because the thicker consistency of the eye cream can block pores, preventing your thinner moisturiser from penetrating deep into the skin. Conversely, if you are using a lighter version of an eye cream such as ours, and like ours it contains high performing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, then it would be best to apply before your moisturiser to get better absorption of these ingredients. We do not recommend using a thick eye cream as we mentioned before.

We hope that you can try our Eye Cream Complex and full facial routine. We have a recommended approach to application but ultimately, the most important thing is that you keep you keep your skin healthy and conditioned, plus are happy with your regime.

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