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Self Care Sundays

Self Care Sundays

We love the phenomenon of Self Care Sundays. It seems to be an Instagram trend that many of us are adopting and we know the importance of looking after ourselves. Our lives are so busy and it is easy to spend a lot of time looking after other people and forgetting that we need to look after ourselves. This will then keep us healthy and rested and have more energy for others. It is so important to take care of ourselves and life is so busy, so we could do with a day dedicated to ‘me’ time. At Nakin we believe in a natural lifestyle and that taking time to look after ourselves really helps to keep us looking and feeling as good as possible. Too much stress can be damaging to us and is one of the factors that contributes to skin ageing, so why not take some time to relax and also pamper yourself at the same time.

The best time to start your Self Care Sunday plans is to find a time when you will not be disturbed. Go to bed as early as you can on the Saturday night, so you wake up feeling energised and rested. The morning light is so good for setting our bio-rhythm. If you live with others, then you could let them know your ‘me time’ plans, so you are not interrupted. Next turn off your phone and devices, so you can really get into the zone. You could also light an aromatherapy candle if it is safe, plus put your favourite music on to really get in the mood. If you have a couple of hours free then we recommend starting by having a bath with your favourite bathing products, and afterwards cover your body with body cream, before putting on some cosy slouchy clothes. Then give your face and neck a gorgeous DIY facial.

A facial for skin usually includes clearing, treating and protecting it. Your face and neck will be left bright, soft and glowing. We always recommend using plant-based skincare that is kind to skin. Nakin’s range includes everything needed for a facial at home. Our Natural Advanced Cleansing Milk, Natural Rejuvenating Face WashNatural Purifying Face Toner and Natural Exfoliating Radiance Tonic clear, tone and refresh skin. Then our treatments calm, correct and boost with our natural eye creamnatural face serumnatural face oilNatural Matt Formula Face Cream for oily, normal and combination skin, and Natural Active Dew Face Cream for dry, normal and combination skin. For the last facial step use our hydrating natural lip balm to complete your skin treating regime.

If you do not have a couple of hours spare and time is short then do what you can, as a small amount of self-care is better than nothing. A short bath followed by a facial massage is a great way to relax and boost your skin for a gorgeous glow.

If you have longer than a couple of hours, then you can really go to town for your Self Care Sunday. Before your bath give your body a full-on exfoliation by dry body brushing. Using a long natural bristle brush is best, as it can easily get to those hard-to-reach areas. Begin at your feet by brushing upwards towards the heart, work upwards in the arm area too. Use firm strokes without being too harsh. Then after your bath, body moisturising and facial, why not take some time to switch off from the world with a good book or film. Then finish everything off by cooking a sumptuous healthy dinner.

Self care Sundays are crucial for maintaining our overall well-being in a fast-paced and often stressful world. This dedicated time allows individuals to recharge both physically and mentally, protecting against burnout and promoting a more balanced lifestyle. By setting aside one day to focus on activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit, we give ourselves permission to rest and recuperate. Whether it involves indulging in a hobby, practising mindfulness, or simply getting some extra sleep, self care Sundays create a space to pause, reflect, and prioritise personal health. This regular practice not only enhances immediate well-being but also builds resilience, equipping us to handle the demands of our daily lives more effectively.

We hope that you enjoyed our feature about Self Care Sundays. It is important to take time to look after ourselves for our overall health and wellbeing. Plus, our skin will always look better for some lovely pampering with the best natural skincare products. They say that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Although self-care can be practised at any time of the week and also be part of your daily routine. To find out more about Nakin visit our website and see our anti-ageing skincare. Our full range is made in the UK and cruelty free.

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