Self-Care Ideas

Self-Care Ideas

If you are searching for self-care ideas then we love that you are taking a step towards looking after yourself. We often commit a huge amount of ourselves to other people, but when it comes to ourselves we take less of a priority. In life we often spend a lot of our time giving and caring for others. This is lovely but we should also take time to care for ourselves to keep our mind, body and spirit healthy. If we are happy and well then we will be able to give more in the long run. Self-care can involve anything that we want to do that is for ourselves and contributes to our mental, emotional and physical health. In this self-care feature we look at some ideas to do this and how to take some time for ourselves.

Self-Care Through Beauty

At Nakin as we are a skincare company then taking time out for pampering is one of our favourite self-care activities. Not only is it enjoyable and relaxing, but it also has the benefit of keeping us looking great. Try the below for the ultimate ‘me time’ activities.

An at home facial is easy to do and gets skin clear and glowing. You do not need any special equipment, just use your normal skincare products like Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Face Care Range which is kind to even sensitive skin. The trick is to take more time with each step to really make a meal of it. Start by cleansing skin with our nutritious comforting Advanced Cleansing Milk and once wiped off follow with our Purifying Face Toner. Next is treating the skin to intense plant actives to repair past skin damage, heal skin issues and smooth out lines and wrinkles with our Eye Cream Complex for skin around the eyes and Performance Face Serum for the rest of the face and neck. Now is the time to soften and condition skin with our Revitalising Face Oil before applying moisturiser for hydration and protection. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is perfect for oilier skin types, and our Active Dew Face Cream works for dry skin types. Follow with our Lip Treatment Balm for long-lasting soft plumps lips. Your face will be soft, smooth and glowing.

At home massage is now easier than ever to achieve. There is a huge number of manual and electronic face and body massager that are now available at affordable prices. They may never completely rival the human touch of a beauty therapist; however, this is a low-cost option without having to leave the house or arrange for someone to come to your home. Massage is one of the ultimate self-care practices and Better Health advise the benefits include reduced stress hormones and muscle tension, improved skin tone, circulation, joint flexibility and lymphatic stimulation.

We all love nice nails so why not try a DIY manicure at home while listening to your favourite music. Our number one tip for a successful at home manicure is allowing enough time, especially for the polish to dry.

How about taking some time to style hair nicely? Again, it’s a matter of allowing enough time to get it right. There are so many at home hair styling tutorials that it’s easy to find some inspiration and work out a look for each hair type and length.

Self-Care Through Movement

Sometimes the thought of exercise seems like more of a chore than a time to spend looking after yourself. But it needn’t be like this if you chose a sport or activity that you love. Any type of movement is better than no movement, and exercise is one of the most powerful ways to look after our physical and mental health.

Yoga is top of our list as a self-care exercise as it stimulates our internal systems and connects the body and mind. It can be as rigorous or slow as you like because there are so many different types of yoga available; from chilled out kundalini to powerful sequenced ashtanga yoga. If you are not keen on yoga then Pilates can be an excellent option as a powerful but enjoyable way to look after your health.

Other self-care exercise of varying requirements includes walking, cycling, swimming, running and exercise routines. Exercise helps to release our happy hormones and keeps us fit at the same time. Getting out an about in nature is a lovely way to boost mind, body and spirit. It’s always best to seek medical advice before starting a new exercise routine.

Self-Care Through Eating

Cooking meals from scratch is not only a lot healthier than processed foods, it also relaxes our minds, and we always feel healthier after eating a nutritious meal.

Stews are lovely for adding lots of vegetables and protein into a warming one pot of goodness. There are lots of recipes available and this is a great way to include your favourite foods together. Another nice option is to have a fruit smoothie instead of a coffee, for a tasty energy and mood boosting alternative. The options are endless, and you just need to pick the fruits that you love and blend them with some milk and yoghurt. If you have a sweet tooth, then why not bake some healthier alternatives. There are so many recipes around and replacing sugar with nutritious alternatives like yoghurt and coconut oil makes them guilt free.

Self-Care Through Learning

Nourishing the brain with new information can lead to new dreams and ambitions, or alternative ways of seeing things. Reading is an easy way to do this, or why not start a new course. Many courses are now available online which is flexible to every lifestyle and saves time travelling. Taking up a new hobby like knitting or meditation can also be relaxing and beneficial to the mind.

Self-Care Through Resting

Our final suggestion for self-care is to take time to rest properly. It’s important to get a good sleep every night, but we should also rest in the day. It can be as simple as lounging around and watching a film, having a bath or lying in the garden. Just enjoy it and give yourself time to just relax without feeling guilty.

We hope that you found our self-care article and suggestions useful. It’s always good to remind ourselves that we should take time for self-care. At Nakin we believe in the power of a natural lifestyle and so all our suggestions are based on free or affordable options. Our natural skincare is also an affordable option for high performance anti-ageing face products. To find out more about Nakin visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Our full ethical range is all cruelty free and made in England. The products are made with the best plant actives available to offer excellent products that work on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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