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Night Cream for Dry Skin

Night Cream for Dry Skin

If you have been searching for an excellent night cream for dry skin then we hope that you can consider our Nakin Active Dew Face Cream. It’s a gorgeous natural anti-ageing moisturiser that it for skin on the drier side. It is made with gorgeous kind and hydrating plant ingredients, and so is also lovely for sensitive skin.

It is filled with skin hydrators, nourishers and protectors like hyaluronic acid, cassia, argan, jojoba and baobab oil. Plus is for both day and night use as it does not contain SPF, which is usually not enough protection when in a face cream, plus it is filled with actives and extracts that benefit skin in both the day and night.

One thing to mention about our Active Dew Cream and all of our natural anti-ageing moisturisers that we believe is a huge positive is that they are free from synthetic moisturising enhancers such as silicones, PEGs, and propylene glycol. These types of ingredients are on our banned list at Nakin as we believe they have no benefits for skin at all. Instead, we prefer to fill our products with as many plant ingredients as possible. This does mean though that the products can feel different to many brands as they do not have the ultra-moisturising silky feel that these synthetic ingredients can give to skin. Instead, the plant ingredients sink beautifully into the skin and get to work hydrating, nourishing and protecting.

Using a cream at night is an essential component of an effective skincare routine, specifically to repair and rejuvenate the skin while we sleep. Our Active Dew Face Cream contains ingredients that are crafted to support cell regeneration, improve elasticity, and provide hydration to the face and neck. Since the skin's repair capabilities improve at night, a good cream like ours can deeply hydrate the skin, combat signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles and help to keep skin fresh and youthful.

If your skin is very dry, then you might like to use our Revitalising Face Oil or Performance Face Serum underneath the face cream. The oil is really calming and healing and the serum contains a line smoothing peptide, as well as lots of other rejuvenating ingredients.

Our face serum and face oil are both treatment products and excellent for dry skin, and you can use them together, or just one of them. They have different benefits, but do share some properties, as they are both anti-ageing and reviving for the face. The serum goes on after cleansing and has powerful actives for skin rejuvenation, resisting signs of ageing, hydrating deeply and easing lines. One of the hero ingredients in our serum is hibiscus extract, which is an amazing natural line smoother peptide, which is also in our eye cream. The oil would also be used straight after cleansing if not using the serum. It is rich and nutritious plus great for energising and helping with stressed skin issues like dryness or sensitivity, plus conditioning the skin barrier. Both are kind to sensitive skin like the rest of the range (everything is free from ingredients like synthetic vitamin C and retinol) but the face oil is especially calming and restoring.

All of our products make excellent daily skin essentials and can be found on our website, along with the rest of our range here.

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