Natural Solutions for Problem Skin

Natural Solutions for Problem Skin

At Nakin we love to hear from our customers and help with their skin concerns when we can. We have noticed over the years that the same concerns come up time and again. So, we thought it would be helpful to put together a guide to help to solve the main problem skin issues that occur on the face and how to help cure them naturally. At Nakin we devote our work to helping skin to flourish and thrive with our award winning Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare. This guide helps with problem skin concerns but does not replace medical advice or medical treatment. Instead it is our suggestions to help with cosmetic skin issues naturally, based on our knowledge of skin and actions that can help. It is designed to help non-medical skin concerns and ones that can arise naturally through ageing, or mild stress.

Dull Skin

Loss of radiance in skin is a big concern for many of us, especially as the years go by from the natural ageing process, but also from sun damage plus daily life pressures like stress, pollution, poor diet and lack of sleep. The great news is that there is a lot we can do to successfully alleviate dull skin. Follow the usual healthy lifestyle measures of eating good food and relaxing, plus exercise is particularly great as a dull skin booster. This is because when we exercise it makes the blood pump more to increase the circulation of skin loving oxygen and nutrients. The other big way to improve dull skin is through looking after our skin well. Dead skin cells play a big part in a lack of radiance, so swipe them away with our Rejuvenating Face Wash or the Advanced Cleansing Milk that gently cleanses and nourishes. Use this natural cleansing milk morning and evening, and then once a week use it to exfoliate by taking it off with a luke-warm damp muslin cloth. Or for a much more powerful exfoliation try our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic to quickly and easily renew and rejuvenate dull skin. Simply cover the whole face and neck in small circular movements, using clean parts of the cloth as you go until the cleanser is removed.  Then finish cleansing with our Purifying Face Toner to complete your cleansing routine.


Redness is a skin concern that we hear about a lot and with this problem it’s as much about what you need to avoid as what you can do help it. Redness can be caused by a reaction to skin care ingredients (especially synthetic chemicals including anti-agers such as retinoids), heat, sun exposure, alcohol, dehydration, sugar overload, hot spicy food, sensitivity or too much exfoliation. So, look at each of these culprits in your life to reduce redness. Work your way through the above list each week until you discover the cause of the redness. It might be a combination of a few things. Take them one by one and see if eliminating them from your life helps. For the first week try using on Natural Face Products and see if this helps, then the following week be super cautious in the sun. Our Revitalising Face Oil is particularly calming and healing for skin. As with any new product always carry out a patch test before full use.

Irritated Skin

Like redness sensitive irritated skin is something that can be helped by avoiding certain lifestyle choices and products in your skincare routine. Synthetic skincare and make-up products can cause irritation to skin, you may be allergic to an ingredient or they might just be too harsh for your skin. Many people find some common ingredients in mass skincare products cause sensitivity in skin. There are some ingredients that are really important to avoid if you have irritated skin and these are synthetic exfoliants like Glycolic Acid, as well as anti-agers such as Vitamin C and Retinol. We only recommend using natural skin care products, like Nakin’s Range, as this will beautify and enhance sensitive skin without causing irritation. Instead it is developed for people with sensitive skin and improves skin using only the best plant actives.

Eczema & Dermatitis

These are conditions to seek medical advice about but it is worth assessing lifestyle measures like keeping skin protected from sun and cold weather, avoiding irritating ingredients, looking for food allergies, ensure you drink lots of water and including more omega oils in the diet to soften and nourish skin from the inside. A supplement can help with this. To instantly calm and nourish dry flaky skin try our 100% natural Revitalising Face Oil which is filled with the best plant oils to hydrate, calm, soothe and revive skin. It nurtures skin with natural oils like Jojoba, Argan and Baobab. It is not specifically made for eczema and dermatitis but we have had customers advise that it has helped mild instances of this. As with any new product always carry out a patch test before full use.

Lines & Wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles develop as we age but can be genetic and are always enhanced from sun damage and other lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, sugar and a poor diet. The trick to easing them and preventing new ones forming is to always use sunscreen when outside and improve your diet and lifestyle. Topical skincare like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Range can really help to improve the look of lines and wrinkles too. This is because skincare can target the precise point of the skin issue, and products such as Nakin’s award winning face care contain plant ingredients proven to smooth out lines and wrinkles. Try our Performance Face Serum to smooth lines on the face, neck and chest with the hibiscus based formula. On the eyes apply our Eye Cream Complex to revive skin and ease lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Keeping healthy and active plus reducing stress, is another easy way to keep lines and wrinkles at bay.

Dry Skin

We all have a unique skin type and dry skin is very common. The best way to manage it is to eat skin loving foods like colourful vegetables and foods rich in natural oils, plus keep hydrated to give skin some bounce from the inside. Everyone should moisturise morning and evening whatever their skin type, but for those with drier skin it is essential. Try a rich face moisturiser like our Active Dew Face Cream which is one of the best natural face products for dry skin. All of our cleansers, treatments and moisturisers help with dry skin with their excellent natural hydration.

Breakouts, Acne & Blackheads

This is something that a lot of us will suffer with in one form or another and there are no hard and fast cures. The best thing to do is to follow a healthy regime as much as possible. Exercise and drink lots of water to keep the skin flushed out. Ensure that you have the right vitamins, minerals and omega oils in your diet. Keep skin really clean, but without stripping it of its natural oils as this can cause an imbalance. Use only really kind cleansers and face products such as those in Nakin’s Natural Skincare which helps to harmonise skin. Our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic is particularly good at helping with skin congestion and blackheads. Don’t forget to moisturise as even oilier skin needs hydration and nutrients. Try a natural face cream moisturiser made for oilier skin types like Nakin's Matt Formula Face Cream which will not clog pores.

Uneven Skintone & Pigmentation

Pigmentation issues are caused by an increase in melanin, melanin occurs naturally in our system and gives our bodies colour in our eyes, hair and skin. As we age genetics and lifestyle factors can increase our melanin production, this includes hormones and sun damage. This is another reason to take extra care in the sun and always protect our skin from it with clothing, hats, sunglasses and high-quality sun cream. To help ease past damage causing uneven skin tone and pigmentation then use the best face care products like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare and our exfoliator is also excellent for this.

Dry Lips

There cannot be many of us that have not suffered with dry lips. Our lips are super busy everyday helping us to fulfil important tasks like communicating and eating. So treat them to an ultra-hydrating experience with our Lip Treatment Balm to soothe and pamper lips. It contains sumptuous plant butters and oils for a long-lasting hydration and lip nourishment.


Always seek medical advice for any concerning or ongoing skin issues as sometimes mild skin issues can be a sign of something more serious. Some skin problems cannot be cured with natural methods and may instead need prescription medicine or medical treatment. This feature is designed to help any mild concerns and issues that are often part of everyday life.

To find out more about Nakin and our award winning cruelty free skincare visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Our face care products make the perfect system for skin issues as the range is made using the best plant actives. They use the power of plants which have amazing skin correcting abilities but are also kind to skin.

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