Natural MakeUp Look

Natural MakeUp Look

Sometimes you cannot beat the ease and beauty of a natural make-up look. At Nakin we prefer to have a subtle make-up look or use nothing at all, which we believe is more achievable with good skincare like Nakin's. However, there are times when make-up does help us to look and feel better, plus enhance our features. We have an easy make-up look to follow with a minimal feel. It’s quick to apply and has a certain prettiness that many make-up looks can be lacking. It’s great because it is fast with only ten easy steps, that once perfected only take ten minutes to apply. Our natural make-up look is just a lovely way to easily freshen up, for a beautiful complexion and look.

Ten Steps to a Natural Makeup Look

  1. Begin by prepping skin; cleansing, following with serum/ oil and moisturiser & eye cream
  2. Apply concealer to any problem areas
  3. Use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream for a natural sheer coverage
  4. Brush a little eye brow gel or powder onto eyebrows
  5. Apply blusher to cheeks for a rosy glow
  6. Highlight cheek bones with a touch on the nose tip and eye lids
  7. Sweep on bronzer for a slight contour
  8. Dust on translucent powder to set the make-up
  9. Sweep mascara on for a wide-eyed look
  10. Finish with a lip balm for soft plump lips

How to Apply A Natural Make-up Look

As we said all that is needed is ten everyday make-up products and ten minutes to apply it. So once perfected this is a great ‘go to’ look for everyday, and many occasions, depending on your make-up preferences. You do not need to follow every step and could even use just one or two of the steps. However, the way that the make-up is applied is important, so we wanted to go through this in more detail as below.

One of the key elements to a good natural make-up look is to prep skin first by cleansing and moisturising. Great skincare is the basis of natural looking skin. The cleansing will awaken skin by getting rid of dirt and dead skin cells, then add nourishment to skin with a cream before applying a coverage base. Good skin preparation will help the make-up to sit better on the face. A good natural eye cream is essential for silky, soft smooth skin. What follows will depend if you prefer to use a tinted moisturiser/ BB cream, or a proper foundation. If you like to use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream then there is no need for another face cream moisturiser underneath, as it will be too much for the face. Instead use a Natural Face Serum like our Performance Face Serum, as it is non-greasy but prepares skin beautifully for make-up by rejuvenating skin and smoothing lines.  If you prefer to use a foundation then it’s important to use a good face cream underneath, as foundations do not have the protection, nourishment and hydration that a moisturising product will have. Having good moisture and hydration as a prep to make-up will illuminate and hydrate skin.

If using a foundation, then it’s important to use a good face moisturising face cream underneath like our Natural Face Cream called Nakin Matt Formula Face Cream. This gives the foundation something even to sit on and pumps skin with nutrients, hydration and protection - but without a greasy look. So, for this reason it works really well as a make-up primer too. Our face cream is so good that as well as winning awards, the international style icon Christian Vermaak who is Kylie Minougue’s Make-up artist and hair stylist, uses it. Christian tweeted about how it was a great moisturiser to use under foundations.

Using one fantastic moisturiser instead of a primer and moisturiser will stop skin getting overly clogged from too many products, as well as still offering skin essential protection from the environment and pollution. As well as a face cream it’s important to use a Natural Eye Cream like our Nakin Eye Cream Complex - as it helps to awaken eyes and naturally blur out lines and wrinkles, plus to reduce dark circles, bags and puffing. A good face cream and eye cream will have skin looking natural, fresh and glowing without even applying any make-up. Once they are on the face though, a small amount of natural make-up in the right place can really give a lovely look to the face. Follow the natural skincare prep with the easy natural make-up steps below to achieve this.

Start by applying concealer for problem areas like redness, blemishes and dark circles. Look for any areas of redness, or breakouts and most of us will need it in the under-eye area. Be careful to blend in, so it does not leave any creases. This is really important for the eye area as we all have some lines, even if only tiny ones from laughing.

Follow this with a BB cream or tinted moisturiser, as these are natural and light, and mean that the beauty of real skin can show through. This look is not about trying to cover the face, instead it’s about enhancing our complexion and what we have naturally. It’s about being proud of our own unique look, and just giving an extra glow. You can build up coverage, and a good technique is to use a buffing brush and put about a coin sized amount of coverage product on using a buffing brush. Then buff all over the face so it is nicely blended in and looks really natural. Pay extra attention to the nostrils, the sides of the face and the jaw line. This is because it can be easy to miss little areas of skin here. Just buff and buff with the brush, and the nice thing is that your face will get a boosting massage at the same time. It’s a good idea to have two foundation products, a lighter one and a darker one. Because skin will look different each day, and sometimes you will feel paler or darker than at other times. This means that you can combine the two with half a light foundation and half a dark foundation or split it in different ways with maybe a quarter and three quarters. Depending on how you are feeling, and at different times of the year. If you like fake tan then it would also depend on when the last application was, and how much coverage is still showing. BB creams are really nice because they allow the coverage to be built naturally. They can also be quite matt and not very expensive. You may like more coverage in a certain area, or for different events, or depending on how your skin is feeling.

Eyebrows are key to a nice look, as they really shape the face. You can get special eyebrow kits that have a spoolie, some wax and some eyebrow powder. If you do not have a kit then it’s fine to just use an eye shadow and small eye brow make-up brush. To pick a colour for your eye brow powder select a shade that is at least 1-2 shades lighter if you have blonde hair, light brown, brown or black hair. This will help to get the most natural look. Taupe colours look nice on blonder coloured eyebrows, and a blonde colour looks nice if you have red hair. For those with brown or black hair a mid-brown colour will look nice.

With eyebrows it’s important to keep the look really soft and natural if you are aiming for an organic look. So, keep the use of products to a minimum as it can really change the look if the eyebrows are too full on. The best way to define them is to start by brushing them out to tame any stray hairs, and a spoolie is great for this. Then apply the colour but especially focusing on the hair near the head of the eyebrows. This is the first of many subtle layers. Only start with a small amount of colour as you can easily add more. The amount to use will also depend on the quality of the product and how pigmented it is. Apply to all of the eyebrow and pay attention to the tail of the brow. Just keep adding product to the head, mid and tail of the brow until you have the desired look. It’s a good idea to always apply make-up in natural daylight, to get a true reflection of the look. How long you want your eyebrow tail to be really depends on you. The common guideline is that it should line up with the outer corner of your eyes, so aim for this is you are unsure, or do not have a favourite eyebrow look. Then once finished applying product to the eyebrows, it’s time to brush them out again with the spoolie, as this blends the colour in nicely and makes it look much more natural.

Time for the blusher on cheeks for a pretty awakening glow. Place a small amount of a cream blusher onto the main point of the cheekbones and blend out and up along the cheek bone. Also blend the product around the apple of the cheeks, so it looks really beautiful and natural. If using foundation then your skin will look much more natural and tonal with blusher, bronzer and highlighter. Otherwise it can look unnatural and one-dimensional.

Next use highlighter onto the upper cheek bones by dotting it along the cheek bones above the blusher. For an extra glow you can also add a touch on eye lids and just below the brow bone, as well as the tip of the nose, cupids bow and above the eye brows.

Follow with bronzer, but in small amounts. Think sun kissed as opposed to a full-on tan. For a subtle look put a small amount on with a contouring brush in the cheek contours, and also the eye lid sockets. On the eyes use an eye shadow brush and apply the bronzer from the end of the eye lashes up to the eye crease and then also along the crease, just to give a bit of definition. Just be careful to blend in well, to keep it really subtle and natural. Blending is key so you do not really see any lines there, if just blends in beautifully.

Dust a tiny amount of translucent face powder to keep the face looking fresh, as well as stopping it getting oily and also set the make-up so it lasts all day, with less movement. Lots of people like a translucent powder as it also kind of blurs the make-up for a really natural smooth look. There are loads of completely natural mineral versions available and there are a few things to remember with the application. It needs to be strategically applied and placed to avoid a ghostly look, and instead have a natural enhanced look. The point of translucent powder is to apply it over make-up, and it works with pretty much everything underneath. When pouring it out of the container think less is more and put only a tiny amount into the lid. Imagine that you are putting the chocolate powder on top of a cappuccino. Then use a small powder brush to allow it to be applied quite specifically. Use the brush to swirl the powder around the lid and apply it to the under eye area to keep the concealer in place,  and anywhere that might get a little oily in the day, like the t-zone so it stays matt and fresh. Then buff it all over the face by kind of pressing the brush into the skin. This should keep the natural make-up look in place for as long as possible, as well as diffusing the overall natural make-up look that has been created.

Mascara is the next step and it widens and awakens eyes in a quick and easy way. First choose the colour, black is the staple of most beauty bags, but a brown or brown/ black can be a nice more subtle natural make-up option. The best way to apply mascara so it looks natural and not clump free but still with definition, is to use the zig-zag method. Move the mascara wand gently in a zig zag movement from the base of the lashes to the top of the lashes. Then quickly brush the wand up vertically from the bottom lashes to the top of them. One coat should be enough to keep it looking natural and coat the bottom lashes if desired.

Finally make lips soft and plump with a tinted lip balm, if do not like a tinted lip balm then just a really lovely nude lip liner, similar to your own lip colour is a good way to make lips look fuller naturally. Apply the lip liner subtlety around the lip edges and then add a smidging to the lips and cover with lip balm. Lip balm is the holy grail of a natural make-up look, as dry lips will not enhance any look.

We hope that you love this natural make-up look which is great for many occasions; like lunch with a friend, work and shopping trips. All you need is the right make-up brushes and ten basic products. This includes skincare prep products, concealer, foundation, eyebrow powder, blusher, highlighter, bronzer, translucent powder, mascara and lip balm. A natural make-up look does not need to be expensive, and the products are those that can be used every day for real value for money. You could also just use one of two of these steps, such as blusher, concealer or mascara.

Nakin natural skincare is all about beautifying naturally. Our range of natural skincare enhances skin with the finest plant actives available such as Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Extract and Pomegranate. The full range is cruelty free and made in the UK.

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