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Natural Face Routine for Mature Combination Skin

Natural Face Routine for Mature Combination Skin

If you have mature skin then our Nakin range is a lovely way to care for it, and this includes mature skin that is a combination type. Many of us actually have combination skin without knowing it. We might not have the traditional oily t-zone and dry cheeks scenario; however, we can have varying degrees of this, and it can also be mixed with some sensitivity.

Nakin is a good range for this skin type as all of our products are anti-ageing and suitable for all skin types including sensitive and combination skin, because we never use irritating ingredients, or drying ingredients, plus fatty oils like coconut. Our natural anti-ageing face products can be found here.

All the products in our range are suitable for combination mature skin and our face creams are split by skin type, but are both suitable for combination skin. The Matt Formula Face Cream is for oilier skin types, and the Active Dew Cream is for drier skin types.

Our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic, Eye Cream Complex and Performance Face Serum will be best to help to improve the look of lines. They contain powerful botanical actives but are still natural products and so the results might be subtle. For a cleanser, our Advanced Cleansing Milk is a better option for sensitive skin that has some dehydration, and our Rejuvenating Face Wash is more suited to oily skin. You can use the cleansing milk or wash and then follow with the Purifying Face Toner for a double cleanse. The Exfoliating Radiance Tonic is a powerful product with fruit AHAs. It is much gentler than most of exfoliators around, and so you could try this if you like to exfoliate.

All of our products are packed with natural actives and extracts that are really rejuvenating to skin. They are free from ingredients such as parabens, artificial fragrance, propylene glycol or silicones, and have a delicate natural scent, as our products are kind to even sensitive skin.

Our full range includes the products below, it is a small collection with everything needed in a routine.

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