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Natural Cream for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Natural Cream for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

If you are looking for a natural cream to help with dark circles under the eyes then read about our Nakin Eye Cream Complex, to see how it uses plant actives and extracts to help to improve the skin around the eyes.

The under-eye area is one that many of us would like to improve. Natural ageing mixed with genetics and less than healthy lifestyle practices can make this area on the face subject to dark circles. They are hard to eradicate naturally, especially when genetic factors are the cause, however, we can help to ease them with our natural anti-ageing eye cream using the power of plants. Find out how it helps skin around the eyes below.

Nakin's Eye Cream Complex is a potent blend of natural ingredients that help to brighten and tone the skin around the eyes. The eye cream contains a few ingredient blends that work for dark circles, puffiness, hydration, plus lines and wrinkles.

The dark circle complex includes caffeine and stimulating marine extracts that help to reduce the appearance of dark circles by constricting blood vessels and stimulating collagen production. The puffiness complex which helps to reduce puffiness in the eye area is assisted with these plant extracts too, as they also improve circulation, which is one of the best ways to reduce puffing. It also contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, as well as our special line smoothing hibiscus peptide.

Fortunately, there are a number of natural ingredients that can help reduce the appearance of dark circles without resorting to harsh chemicals, and this is why we use them in our eye cream complex. The blend of plant oils and antioxidants help to improve the whole eye area by reducing inflammation and puffiness around the eyes. Nakin's Eye Cream Complex is safe for all skin types and has been clinically proven to be effective. It is lovely to use in the under eye area and all around the skin close to the eye, plus is fragrance-free.

A good natural eye cream like ours will be a multi-purpose product that helps with many of the issues. As we age, our skin becomes thinner and loses some of its elasticity. This can make the blood vessels under the skin more visible and can create a darker appearance. Our Eye Cream will work to hydrate and plump skin as when the skin is dehydrated, the skin can appear sunken and darker in colour.

If you are looking for a natural way to brighten and tone the skin around your eyes to reduce dark circles naturally, then Nakin's Eye Cream Complex is a great option. It is an award-winning five star rated cream that customers love for the light springy formula that instantly improves skin around the eyes.

Most people have dark circles under their eyes at some point in their lives. There are a variety of creams on the market that claim to reduce or eliminate dark circles. But many of these products contain harsh chemicals like retinoids, that can actually aggravate the problem. At Nakin we believe in using natural plant ingredients to help to improve our face and neck, and we know that eyes are a key part of this.           

There are many different causes of dark circles under the eyes and by understanding them it means that we can work to reduce them with lifestyle change. We have listed the key causes and solutions below.

  • Fatigue: Lack of sleep or fatigue can cause the skin under the eyes to look darker and more sunken in, so getting a good night’s sleep is worthwhile.
  • Sun exposure: Sun exposure can cause the skin under the eyes to darken, so protect the eye area with sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Certain foods: Consuming a diet rich in things like caffeine and salt can contribute to dark circles, so try to avoid these and minimize them.

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