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Natural Ceramide Lip Balm

Natural Ceramide Lip Balm

Ceramides are natural elements of our skin layers, and they are important for keeping skin moisturised and healthy. As we age though their levels drop and so it is helpful to apply ceramides to skin topically in creams like Nakin’s Natural Skincare. One of our ceramide products is our Lip Treatment Balm which is a deeply moisturising product, filled with natural ceramides that support the function and health of lips.

Sometimes we feel like ceramides get forgotten about but ceramides are important components of cell membranes, and play an important role in maintaining the skin's natural barrier function. This is why they are one of the key ingredients of our anti-ageing care products as they are known to help maintain the skin's moisture levels, promote cell turnover, reduce inflammation, and protect against dehydration and stress. The other great thing that we love about ceramides is that they appear naturally in lots of the plant ingredients that we use in our products. This is how we include them in our lip balm and other products and their natural nature makes them extremely nourishing for lips.

Our natural ceramide lip balm is a nourishing lip balm that provides long-lasting hydration to the lips. Formulated with plant ceramides found in the oils and butters, it helps to reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier and lock in moisture. Our balm contains lots of amazing natural ingredients such as shea butter, olive, and beeswax which help to soften and condition the delicate skin of the lips. It will leave your lips feeling smooth, hydrated, and looking healthier than ever. With regular use, this balm can help protect against dryness caused by everyday environmental stressors such as wind and cold weather. Plus, its non-greasy formula won't feel oily or sticky on your lips. Our natural ceramide balm is the perfect solution for all-day hydration and protection, leaving your lips soft and healthy.

For best results, apply our balm liberally to your lips in the morning and evening, plus throughout the day as needed. The balm can be used alone or layered under a lip colour if desired. It is also great for post lipstick application as it helps keep dryness at bay while helping to repair damage to lips. With its nourishing formula and natural ingredients, you can trust that your lips will look their best with every use of our balm, and the natural ceramide formula is a big part of this.

Ceramides occur naturally in the skin’s barrier, and when applied to the lips in our balm they help to protect them from external aggressors such as dry air, cold temperatures, harsh winds and pollution. Ceramides also work to boost hydration levels within the skin cells which helps to keep lips moisturised for longer. This prevents cracking and chapping of the lips that can be caused by dehydration and environmental stresses. As well as providing moisture, ceramide treatments also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, meaning they can help with healing any pre-existing damage on the lips. A healthy lip barrier is essential for keeping lips looking their best and ceramide treatments are an easy and effective way to achieve this.

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