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Natural Alternative to Synthetic Eye Cream

Natural Alternative to Synthetic Eye Cream

There is always a lot of press about some of the bigger brand eye creams despite the fact that so many of them contain a large proportion of synthetic ingredients. At Nakin we believe in the power of natural ingredients to beautify skin around the eyes and so we love it when customers let us know that they are switching to our Nakin Eye Cream Complex as a more natural option. Every eye cream is very different and will have some mixed reviews based upon a users experience, where some will rave about an eye cream having the ability to instantly transform the skin around the eyes to look tighter and more youthful, others might find it hard to apply, without great results and leaving a residue on skin. At Nakin we are proud that our Eye Cream Complex has such great reviews, and so hope that we are ticking all the boxes for customers.

At Nakin when we have researched other eye products that are available we are often surprised when we look at the actual ingredients, and see so many synthetic ones there. We always expect to see lots of high performing actives in there and sometimes they do appear, but can also include ingredients such as silicones, PEGs, silicates, parabens, synthetic fragrance and propylene glycol. So, if you are looking for a more natural alternative to many conventional eye creams then read on to find out how our Eye Cream Complex can help.

Our Eye Cream Complex is a wonderous product that is packed with some of the best plant actives and extracts that are available in cosmetic science. They all combine together to provide the skin around the eyes with a beautiful natural boost by hydrating, smoothing lines and helping to improve puffing and dark circles. This cream is an all-in-one multipurpose product that is also natural and fragrance free. It is for all skin types, but being so kind to skin many customers with sensitive eyes find it is one of the only products that they can use in this area.

Our eye cream gets its anti-ageing power from the line smoothing hibiscus peptide, hydrating hyaluronic acid, antioxidant plant oils and energising marine extracts. It leaves the skin around the eyes feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

Nakin's Eye Cream Complex is an ideal natural alternative to synthetic eye creams, thanks to its combination of rich yet gentle plant-based actives. These help to nourish, hydrate and protect the delicate eye area for optimum health and appearance. Our complex contains some of nature’s most powerful ingredients which help to keep skin hydrated, smooth and soften skin, plus reduce darkness and puffing. All these work in synergy with the natural oils that are packed with nourishing vitamins and antioxidants that promote healthy looking skin.

Our unique Eye Cream Complex also includes lots of other natural extracts that soothe skin around the eyes while providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Nakin’s Eye Cream Complex is a great natural alternative to many of those offering similar benefits as it has so many more natural ingredients and is without unwanted ones such as parabens, silicones, PEGs plus propylene glycol. It helps to gently repair and protect the delicate area around the eyes for a younger looking complexion.

When looking for a natural eye cream that offers powerful anti-ageing benefits naturally, you can be sure to find them with Nakin’s Eye Cream Complex. Our unique blend of nutrient-rich actives work in synergy to nourish and hydrate your skin for a more youthful complexion. The ingredients contained within this complex also provide antioxidant protection against premature ageing from environmental stressors. Furthermore, its kind to sensitive skin around the eyes. Our natural formula helps reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, giving you brighter and smoother looking skin around the eyes, so it has everything that you need in an eye cream. 

Nakin’s Eye Cream Complex is the perfect natural alternative to many eye creams and we hope that you can give it a try. This is just one of our anti-ageing face products and everything can be found online at www.nakinskincare.com

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