Looking for a Fresh Start

Looking for a Fresh Start

The main reason we are writing this article today is because it is a pink moon, and it is at its brightest today. This does not mean that the actual moon will look pink, instead it is a way of explaining the workings of the lunar calendar. A pink moon is a super moon that occurs in April. It has a sweet reason for being called a pink moon, and this is because it is when the full moon occurs in April, around the time of all the tree blossom blooming.

The moon cycles are said to be magical, and this pink moon is coming at a beautiful time as it can help us to make a fresh start on things. As well as the moon illuminating the sky, it can also highlight and brighten the things that are not working well in our life.

During the last year we have all had to live our lives differently. We have had less social contact and more alone time, which generally has given us time to think about our lives. Now that things are opening up again, we might feel that we do not want to go back to the way things were before. Maybe we were too busy before with too many commitments, or there might be some people and activities that we have not missed. So, if you are looking to change some things, or simply bring some new factors into your life, then read on to find out some holistic ways to do this.

A pink moon is a time to create new things for us and move away from the other that are not working any more. It could be anything such as a relationship, career or bad habit. This is also a great time to break free from anything that is restricting us, and we can drive forward to new beginnings. It is an individual thing and has to start with with us, but it is the opportunity to create a new world for ourselves. So, tune into how you are feeling and the things that do not feel quite right, then work out ways to fix the issue. We can also use the moon to make affirmations. These should be kept in the present tense and be positive. So instead of focusing on a bad job, instead say to yourself, my perfect job is out there.

The moon can also work powerfully with crystals. If you have crystals, then put them in the moonlight to cleanse negativity. It does not need to be outside as a window ledge is fine. It just needs to receive the moons energy. Each crystal has its own unique powers and there are many to choose from. A couple of our favourites are moonstone which can amplify energy, plus clear quartz which you can use to help you fulfil your dreams. Simply hold it and tell it your affirmation, plus what you need help with.

We hope that you enjoyed our feature about fresh starts and wish everyone lots of luck with it. To find out more about Nakin and our award-winning natural skincare then visit our website.

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