Is Using a Serum, Oil & Moisturiser Too Much for Skin?

Is Using a Serum, Oil & Moisturiser Too Much for Skin?

With so many face products being available for a skin routine many of us wonder how many products we should use. There is no straight forward answer to this as it will depend on the actual products, your skin type and personal preference. Read on to find out when using a serum, oil and moisturiser together is a good idea for skin.

Generally using a trio of serum, oil and moisturiser on the face and neck will give skin lots of benefits by providing a complete boost of calmness, moisture and nutrition. Having said that it will depend on the actual serum, oil and moisturiser that are being used. If they are too rich or contain overly fatty ingredients such as coconut oil then we would not recommend using this, as it will be too much for skin and likely to clog pores. At Nakin we have a beautiful anti-ageing face serum, 100% natural face oil and a choice of face creams, with one dry skin moisturiser and one oily skin moisturiser. They are filled with some of the best botanical beauty ingredients that are available including hyaluronic acid, antioxidant actives and omega oils. These three products work well on their own but when used together provide a synergistic effect to give skin rejuvenation, hydration and protection.

At Nakin all of our products are made with the best plant actives that work in harmony with skin without overloading. The order of use with our face products is cleanser, face serum, face oil and then moisturiser. The serum, face oil and moisturisers are designed for both morning and evening use and you can use all three for maximum impact. This is especially lovely if you have dry skin but is also suitable for oily skin types, although many with oily skin prefer to use just the face serum or oil before moisturising. Many people only use one treatment before moisturising, depending on their skin requirements. This might also vary depending on how your skin is feeling on the day, or if say it is mid-summer and humid, where only one treatment might be required. At Nakin all of our products are rich in nutrition and provide deep long-lasting hydration, but they are not greasy.

We hope that you found our feature helpful in deciding whether to use a face serum, oil and moisturiser together. We recommend it when using Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare for the best effects or if skin is very dry, however, it is not essential as each individual product will have exceptional results for skin. One thing that is lovely for skin and for some relaxation time is to have a full-face care routine, and take time when applying the products. Often our morning routine is more rushed than the evening one, so many of us use more products in the evening because of this. Cleansing and moisturising are the most essential steps and although treatments will have more benefits when used twice daily, they will still help to improve skin if just used in the evening. The important thing is to use skincare products that work for your skin and fit into your lifestyle.

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