Is Rain Water Bad for Your Skin?

Is Rain Water Bad for Your Skin?

We often think of the rain as being a beautiful natural experience, but sadly with our polluted environments it does not always offer skin the natural wholesome experience that it should when it reaches our face. We tend to focus heavily on protecting our skin from the sun, and rightly so with its damaging effects on our skin. But we should also be aware of how the rain can affect our skin and take steps to avoid it, plus have a good cleansing routine with products such as our natural anti-ageing cleansers. As well as good cleansing our natural anti-ageing moisturisers will help to form a barrier on the face and neck which will help keep any nasties such as pollutants out, and reduce the negative effects.

When it comes to the effects of rain hitting our skin it is going to depend on the environment that you live in. If you are in a polluted city, then the rain that hits your face will be considerably polluted and this will affect your skin when the rain touches it. However, if you like in a rural unpopulated mountainous area then you probably do not need to worry about the rain, and it will be much purer.

If you live in a polluted area, then you may find that your skin gets dirty after coming into contact with rainwater. This can be because of the presence of pollutants in the water, such as dirt, dust, and other contaminants. You can take steps to protect yourself from any potentially harmful pollutants in rainwater by wearing protective clothing while outside during a rainfall.

It is important to take measures to protect your skin from the elements, regardless of whether it is raining or sunny. Use a gentle cleanser on your skin before and after exposure to rainwater and apply moisturiser in the morning and evening. It is also important to wear sunscreen when exposed to direct sunlight, even in wet conditions, as UV rays can still reach your skin during rainfall.

Nakin’s natural moisturisers are specially formulated to provide a protective barrier for your skin against the rain and other wet weather conditions. Our natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil, argan and shea butter, help bind moisture into the skin and form a film over it to protect from external elements. This creates a nourishing and hydrating environment that helps keep your skin looking healthy and feeling protected even in rainy weather. The products also contain anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce redness caused by cold winds or fluctuating temperatures. 

Pollutants from the rain and other factors will no doubt reach our skin, and this can be controlled with good cleansers like ours which help to clear away the different types of pollutants that can be found on skin. Our cleansers contain natural ingredients which help to clear out impurities from the skin while also leaving it hydrated. The cleansers work to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and other harmful substances without stripping away essential oils. With regular use of our cleansing products, your skin will be left feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

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