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Is it OK to Use an SPF Face Cream at Night?

Is it OK to Use an SPF Face Cream at Night?

It is quite common to have day creams that contain sun protection in, and this can vary with different strengths of SPF. One of the questions that we sometimes receive is asking if it is ok to use a day cream, which also has a SPF in, at night? Our response to this is that we recommend against it. We would not recommend this as SPF does not have any benefits for skin, so we would be better using a good cream like our natural moisturisers which are free of SPF, and are filled with more boosting natural ingredients instead.

At Nakin we see face care products and sun cream protection as very separate products. Face care is designed to look after skin with nourishing and improving ingredients. Sunscreen on the other hand has one key job which is to protect skin from the sun. It does not have any benefits for skin other than this. This is one of the reasons that we never include SPF in our products. Our products are designed for use in both the morning and night as they do not contain SPF, and are full of rejuvenating ingredients that skin loves at any time of the day. SPF products can be applied over our creams as required when skin is being exposed to the sun.

As well as SPF not having any skin improving benefits for skin the common synthetic ones actually contain ingredients that many consider to have negative effects on skin. Using a cream containing SPF at night is not recommended for a number of reasons. Firstly, SPF works to protect your skin from UVA and UVB radiation, both of which are produced by the sun. At night, these rays aren’t present so there’s no need for SPF protection. Secondly, many creams that contain SPF also contain chemicals such as oxybenzone and avobenzone which can be detrimental to your skin when used on an ongoing basis at night. Lastly, using a cream with SPF can cause pore blockages which lead to breakouts and other skin irritations. So, if you want to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing, it's best to avoid using any creams containing SPF at night. Stick to your tried and natural Nakin moisturiser instead.

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