Is Fragrance in Skincare a Concern?

Is Fragrance in Skincare a Concern?

There is so much talk about clean beauty products and many of us know the key ingredients to avoid like parabens and mineral oil. There are actually hundreds of ingredients that we should be wary of in skincare and one of the least understood is fragrance. At Nakin we make our clean skincare from the best plant extracts to help skin look as good as it can, without the use of harsh anti-ageing ingredients. One of the essential formula requirements for us is that we only use a small amount of completely natural fragrance. We know that this does not suit everyone, and if we ever receive negative feedback, it is mostly down to a comment about the low level of fragrance. We understand that it is nice to have a great smelling beauty product and the enjoyment we get from our skincare is a big part of why we use them, however, we cannot compromise on fragrance. To find out why we do not recommend fragrance in skincare products then read on.  

Our biggest fragrance concern is with synthetic fragrance, and it has a lot of controversy around it. We hear from lots of customers that cannot use skincare with synthetic fragrance in it as they are allergic, or it causes rashes, or some other sensitive reaction. Synthetic fragrance has lots of research around it and is thought to potentially cause some worrying issues. One of the reasons is that fragrance in skincare is made from many different ingredients that are not listed on the label. Synthetic fragrance has been linked to all sorts of controversy such as disrupting hormones, asthma and allergies.

We do not recommend using cosmetic products with synthetic fragrance, and also do not recommend strong natural fragrance from essential oils. Natural fragrances tend to be from essential oils and some of these can contain allergens. We definitely prefer natural fragrance, however, at certain levels this can also be sensitising.

If you use products with fragrance in them then please take care, as using a combination of products that are all fragranced can give your system an overload. Your skin might be fine at the moment, but as they are sensitising it could become more vulnerable overtime and make it more likely that reactions could occur. They can also be too strong on skin and even aggravate things like rosacea. Fragrances can also compromise the stability of active ingredients such as prescription retinol. We never use this at Nakin as it can be really harsh on skin, but we know that it is a popular ingredient in anti-ageing skincare.

At Nakin use a very mild natural fragrance and all our natural skincare products are made with sensitive skin in mind. We just like to avoid fragrance as much as we can, as it has so many potential issues to it. We use just enough of a kind natural fragrance to give the products a mild subtle pleasant scent. We have two products that are completely free of fragrance and this is our natural lip balm and our fragrance free eye cream, as you should ever use fragrance near the delicate eye area.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about the problems of fragrance in beauty products. To find out more about Nakin and our award-winning collection see the links below.

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