Is a Face Oil More Hydrating than a Serum?

Is a Face Oil More Hydrating than a Serum?

It is common to be unsure about whether a face serum or face oil will be more hydrating to skin. They are both natural face treatments that are applied after cleansing but before applying moisturiser. Their unique potent formulas are designed to give skin an anti-ageing boost and the best face serums and face oils like Nakin’s will offer a multitude of skin regenerating properties. Most of us have more than one skin concern and so a multi-purpose product is important and much better value than having to buy multiple face treatments. If your main concern is hydration though then it is not a simple yes or no answer as to which will be best. Read on to find out more about this.

Every serum and oil is created differently, so this is the main reason that we cannot make a generalisation as to whether a serum or oil will be more hydrating. The other reason is that it will depend on the other properties that you are expecting from the product. At Nakin both our Performance Face Serum and Revitalising Face Oil are hydrating, as the plant ingredients that they contain offer good hydration. However, this is not always obvious on application.

Our serum is filled with lots of amazing natural hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter and plant oils but it is designed to sink quickly into skin, so that when a moisturiser is applied it is not too oily for the face. It also does not contain any of the synthetic ingredients like silicones and PEGs, which make skin feel lovely and cocooned but have no real beauty benefits. This means that it might not feel extremely hydrating because the ingredients are high quality hydrators and provide more of an invisible hydration that cannot be seen as much, as is shown on many products. Our serum is also excellent for helping with lines and wrinkles, and if you have dry skin then this is likely to be a concern as well.

Many people worry about using a face oil as they think that it will be too greasy, however, our face oil is non-greasy as it contains a special blend of high-quality plant extracts that are not too rich, greasy or pore clogging. It is also easily absorbed into the skin and will leave it feeling calm and comforted. If you are looking for hydration but also feel that your skin is stressed and needs calming, then the Revitalising Face Oil is a great option.

At Nakin all of our anti-ageing face products are hydrating and contain lots of nourishing ingredients, so whatever you choose it will offer many benefits for skin. Most of our products contain lots of hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and many plant oils that are really nourishing to skin and filled with antioxidants. See more about us and our natural products online at www.nakinskincare.com Take your time to find the right products for you and the ones that help skin to flourish and thrive.

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