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Incredible Facial Moisturising for Smooth Skin

Incredible Facial Moisturising for Smooth Skin

We all love velvety soft smooth skin, and it is something that Nakin pride ourselves on offering. Our amazing natural skincare products are made using the absolute best plant ingredients, to offer skin everything needed for an incredible face regime. Our range includes all the skincare essentials, and our best-selling moisturisers are hero products for skin. Everyone needs a good face cream in their life, and Nakin have two special moisturisers that are for both day and night use, one for drier skin and one for more oilier skin. Both work for normal, combination, and sensitive skin, plus offer long-term hydration, without any greasiness. The award-winning formulas are loved by customers for their natural anti-ageing ability and how they make skin feel smooth, hydrated and calm. Read on to find out how the hydrate, nourish and smooth skin to perfection.

Our Matt Formula Face Cream is a lovely moisturiser for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin. For drier skin types the Active Dew Face Cream is more hydrating. Both are non-greasy and long lasting. Nakin’s face creams effortlessly smooth out skin on the face and neck almost instantly when applied, and better still they offer long lasting hydration and nourishment.

The kind plant actives give skin the ultimate boost with a natural tranquil cocooning effect. The hyaluronic acid hydrates intensely to plump out skin and iron out creases. Its combination of nutritious comforting plant oil extracts floods the face and neck with nutrients, that contribute to the velvety soft experience. This formula also contains some of the best antioxidants available from the pomegranate and seaweed actives. The face and neck are also shielded with invisible protection that fends off damage from environmental stressors, like the cold weather and pollution.

After using Nakin’s face creams skin looks smooth and plump and they make a great base for make-up, because of the silky-smooth look and feel that they give to the face and neck. There is no need to use an additional primer. The only products we always recommend using afterwards are SPF full broad spectrum sunscreen protection. As our moisturisers are for both day and night use, they do not contain SPF. Sunscreen is so essential for protecting skin against UV rays that we also believe it should always be applied as a separate product, about 15 minutes before exposing skin to the sun through glass or outside. Then it needs reapplying as required, depending on the product used. Sun damage is one of the major contributors to skin ageing, and so shielding skin from the sun is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin smooth and line free. Sun damage on the face and neck contributes to all the signs of skin ageing including an uneven skin tone, loss of structure and smoothness, plus lines and wrinkles. Using the best face cream moisturiser will always help, but sun protection is really important.

Our facial moisturisers are renowned for their ability to deliver smooth, radiant skin, thanks to their unique formulations that combine nature's finest ingredients with cutting-edge skincare science. Infused with botanical extracts like cassia, aloe vera, and jojoba oil, these moisturisers provide deep hydration while being gentle on the skin. Rich in naturally occurring antioxidants and essential fatty acids, Nakin's products help protect against environmental stressors and promote skin regeneration. The non-greasy, lightweight textures are suitable for all skin types, ensuring that everyone can benefit from their rejuvenating properties. By using Nakin's facial moisturisers, you can achieve a youthful glow and smooth, supple skin.

Nakin's products are more than just your average moisturisers. They are carefully crafted to nourish and treat the skin, providing multiple benefits that go beyond simple hydration. With regular use, you'll notice a visible improvement in the overall health and appearance of your skin.

We hope that you enjoyed our feature on our silky soft face creams for beautifully smooth skin. Nakin’s moisturisers are easy to apply and superb value at £22 each. They offer incredible cruelty free skincare and are both made in the UK. For the ultimate in fresh smooth skin team them up with the rest of Nakin’s range of anti-ageing skincare which has a full collection of cleansing, treating and moisturising products. Everything in the range has been carefully formulated to provide an uplifting experience that calms, strengthens and beautifies skin.

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